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3 Reasons Why Angels and VCs Should Attend CodeLaunch

3 Reasons Why Angels and VCs Should Attend CodeLaunch

By CA Staff Blogger November 12, 2021

Without angels and VCs, the startup ecosystem would look a lot different—if it would even exist at all. CodeLaunch is no different. The event would not be the same without angels and VCs attending. If you're an angel or VC, this blog is for you. Here are three reasons why you should attend CodeLaunch on November 17th!

1. History of Startup Success

CodeLaunch Finalists and Semifinalists have a demonstrated history of success post-CodeLaunch since the event's inception. The following are three recent startups that got their start at CodeLaunch.

Authentify Art aims to create a verification system for art. Many investors and clients have jumped on board with this revolutionary concept. They left their MVP round and are now in their seed round. Their goal was to raise $750,000 for their MVP round, and with a last-minute investor, they are at $950,000.

3GStrong is an elementary school curriculum that teaches social and emotional skills to children through a series of online stories and activities that can be done independently at home, face-to-face with a class, or as a combination of the two. As of 2020 3GStrong has been able to raise over $100,000 and has received several offers for more.

CharaChorder's mission is to elevate average human text transmission speed (40 wpm) above and beyond average human text comprehension speed (250 wpm). Their product, the CharaChorder Lite, was 100% funded on Kickstarter within 24 hours, and it raised over $100,000 on the fundraising platform. There will be a CharaChorder exhibit at CodeLaunch, so you can give it a test drive on Wednesday!

KidStrong is a childhood milestone developmental accelerator. They have a development program that focuses on social, emotional, and cognitive development. Before CodeLaunch, they had one single stand-alone location. But after they won the competition, they grew tremendously! They'll have 26 locations by the end of the year and 306 locations are in development right now. People fly to their new headquarters office in Frisco from all over the country for training and onboarding.

The professional hackathon teams seek out the best startups poised for investment but who need a nudge in their product tech from expense professional technologists. Only the best CodeLaunch applicants become Finalists. These startups do not come out of CodeLaunch with messy cap tables since CodeLaunch does not take equity to provide valuable services to the startup ecosystem. We manufacture investable seed-stage startups.

2. Network with Founders

After the pitch competition, everyone will leave the arena and take the floor to the startup expo. You can grab some hors d’oeuvres and a beverage and go meet the startups you just saw as well as sponsors and exhibitors of the CodeLaunch Startup Expo. Expect 40 or more exhibits from sponsors, community partners, CodeLaunch DFW finalists, and other startups. This is the perfect time to walk around and network. You never know who you may meet.

3. Support Startup Ecosystem

Attending demonstrates your support for the growing entrepreneurial and startup ecosystem, as well as our core ideals of conscious capitalism. Ultimately, CodeLaunch loves startups and wants to see them succeed. CodeLaunch aims to connect early-stage startups with VCs and angels for a mutually beneficial relationship. Supporting CodeLaunch means you support everything that makes the startup community special.

Reserve Your Spot!

Our goal is to create investible startups as soon as they walk off our stage. Visit our Eventbrite to reserve your spot as an attendee at CodeLaunch DFW 2021!

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