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The CodeLaunch 2024 World Championship: A Springboard for Tech Startups, A Feast for Investors, and an Opportunity for One Market to Lead North American Innovation

By Jason W. Taylor July 11, 2023

A message from CodeLaunch President and Founder, Jason W. Taylor.

In the ever-evolving world of technology, where innovation and entrepreneurship intersect, a truly unique platform was born in 2013 – CodeLaunch. With a decade of execution, 15 events, 74 accelerated startups and 1 big exit under our belt, we stride into the future. Today we are thrilled to announce the expansion of the CodeLaunch startup accelerator competition in 2024, and the birth of the inaugural World Championship. We’re here to break down the journey that lies ahead, a journey that promises to be exciting, innovative, and transformative for tech startups, investors, and one thought-leading host market!

CodeLaunch World Championship Video

CodeLaunch is more than just a startup accelerator; it is a movement that seeks to foster innovation and entrepreneurship. We strive to empower tech startups by providing them access to professional software development teams and the platform to showcase their ventures to potential investors, all while retaining the full ownership of their intellectual property, equity, and cash.

Breaking the traditional norms of the startup accelerator space, CodeLaunch does not take any equity from startups founders nor require money from them. Instead, we focus on providing them with the necessary resources, education and platform to turn their vision into investible ventures with tangible digital products. This unique proposition, inspired by the tenets of Conscious Capitalism, has allowed us to forge a strong bond with startups, providing an environment for them to flourish without fear of losing control over their innovative I.P.

Along this journey, which began in 2013, we found support from Improving, and in 2019 Improving became our parent company. Their aligned belief in our mission and values has allowed us to scale our operations. As a result of this partnership, CodeLaunch has been growing year on year, hosting 3 events in 2022, 4 in 2023, and is now rolling out the next chapter in 2024.

Our growth is marked by a clear vision – to produce six major events across North America, covering Canada, Mexico, and the United States by 2024. These events serve as a steppingstone to our grand finale – the CodeLaunch “World Championship” event integrated into a two-day VC & Angel conference. Scheduled for mid-November 2024, this event will bring together the best and the fastest-growing startups from our 5 preceding events, providing a platform to showcase their potential to venture capitalists and angel investors from across the continent. This 6 Events & Championship model will be our annual operation going forward.

Hosting the CodeLaunch World Championship creates an opportunity facing unique audience of N. American Venture investors too. The CodeLaunch World Championship promises to be more than just an event; it’s a celebration of innovation and entrepreneurship. The host city or sponsor will be presented with a unique opportunity to brand this championship as their own, gaining promotion throughout the year within our CodeLaunch community and throughout our tour schedule. This provides an excellent opportunity for cities or sponsors to enhance their brand recognition, with an estimate of over 500,000 brand impressions across various digital marketing mediums and in-person events.

This finale startup competition and VC & Angel Conference is an exciting opportunity for the host city or sponsor to position their market as a thought-leading hub of innovation and tech entrepreneurship. This can help attract relocating employers, new residents, additional investors, startups, and talent to their ecosystem, thus fueling their local economy. Besides, it offers a chance to impact the local economy positively with two days of hotel and economic impact from an estimated 50-100 VC and Angel attendees, and hundreds of other exhibitors, startups, and CodeLaunch participants.

Besides our five feeder event champions and other standout finalists which will total 8 competing at the World Championship, we will offer our host market to optionally seat one local standout finalist, adding a local flavor to this international event. The host city or sponsor will also have the chance to seat an interactive judge panelist on stage, host VIP activities and content for VCs/Angels, and much more.

E360 Founder Matt Bonasera and HoneyComb Software President Oleg Lysiak celebrate their CodeLaunch Houston 2023 Championships.

We are excited about CodeLaunch in 2024 and beyond. This is our call to all ambitious tech startup founders seeking acceleration, investors looking for the next big thing in tech, and for one unique host market to help lift us up and join us in this grand event. 

The future of technology is here at CodeLaunch, and we can’t wait to see what it brings!

Host Markets: Click Here for the Host Market RFP Containing More Details.Download RFP

Stay tuned to our blog and social media channels for more updates on CodeLaunch 2024. Let’s continue to push boundaries and create opportunities for the next generation of tech entrepreneurs. Together, we can accelerate the pace of innovation, create tighter bonds in our tech communities, launch some startups and change some lives for the better. See you at CodeLaunch 2024!

Jason W. Taylor
President and Founder
, an Improving Company

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