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CodeLaunch MINN 2024 Homework Orientation Video

By Ankeel Bhakta February 23, 2024

The CodeLaunch Minneapolis 2024 Homework Orientation Video isn’t quite ready yet, but check out our recent video from the Houston event. Main changes will be the dates mentioned in the video (please see below the video for Minneapolis event dates.

The purpose of this to give those of you who apply early a head start – the homework is on March 17.

Important Upcoming CodeLaunch MINN 2024 Dates:

Feb 7: Startup Founders Promotion Event in MN
Mar 3: Applications Due @ 11:59pm CT
Mar 6: Cohort Acceptance Reveal Livestream

Mar 17: Cohort Homework Due

Mar 20: Semifinalists Reveal Event in MN (TBA)
Mar 25 – Apr 4: Semifinalist Pitches Week 1
Apr 9: PCL Hackathon Teams Finalists Draft
Apr 10: Finalists Reveal Event in MN (TBA)
May 5: Hackathon Day 1 (Sunday)
May 6: Hackathon Day 2 (Monday)
May 8: Finalists Dinner (TBA)
May 9: CodeLaunch Minnesota 2024 @ Fillmore

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