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CodeLaunch Testimonials

“CodeLaunch is a must-go event when it comes to seeing the best Houston's tech ecosystem has to offer.”

Reginald Davis

“CodeLaunch brings together more innovators in the startup ecosystem than any startup event in Houston. I had a blast and made a number of valuable relationships.”

Austin Langley

“Loved being part of CodeLaunch, where astounding minds in the tech startup community have the opportunity to make their ideas a reality. Can't wait till the next one!”

Adriana Henriquez - IOOGO

“The energy and community spirit of the startup/tech participants was amazing. It was great to see all sorts of people with the common interests.”

Patrick Dowling

“I was so impressed by that before and after infusion of brain power and hackathon impact to the founders from the experience, yes winning was a part of it, but it wasn’t that only thing to celebrate by participating in CodeLaunch.”

Landi Spearman

“We had a blast at CodeLaunch and it seems like everyone else did, too! We've already made wonderful connections!”

Ashley Beck - Tech AF

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