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Next Event

CodeLaunch Toronto

Date: August 28, 2024

Time: 4 pm to 9 pm

Location: El Mocambo

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Upcoming Startup Competitions

AUG 28,  2024
Until CodeLaunch CAN Application Deadline
OCT 16,  2024
Until CodeLaunch Application Deadline

About CodeLaunch

CodeLaunch is a startup accelerator event that pairs early-stage tech startups with professional software development teams to accelerate their trajectory toward MVP, seed funding, and beyond.

CodeLaunch is the perfect opportunity for first-time startup founders, both technical and non-technical alike, as the startup competition costs $0 to apply and no equity is surrendered.

After establishing a history of successfully accelerating startups as an annual event in North Texas (2012-2020), CodeLaunch expanded to multiple events per year beginning in 2021. Each event will be hosted in a market with an Improving consulting office.

CodeLaunch Startup Competition is produced by Improving and is driven by the principles of Conscious Capitalism.


CodeLaunch is a startup event which exemplifies Improving’s core value alignment with Conscious Capitalism.

CodeLaunch provides seed services that are invaluable to early-stage startups. Sponsors and partners help guide winning startup ventures down the path of success while minimizing their financial risk.

Here’s why CodeLaunch is a remarkable opportunity:

  • Finalists receive free product development from professional dev teams.
  • Winners receive additional services from sponsors.
  • $0 to apply and 0% equity surrendered.
  • You’ll get a TV production quality edit of your pitch if you become a finalist.
  • There are too many additional benefits to list here so dive into more details here.

To learn more about the benefits of CodeLaunch and the experience of last year’s startup competition Finalists, click on the video below.

“CodeLaunch is a must-go event when it comes to seeing the best our tech ecosystem has to offer.”

Reginald D.

“CodeLaunch brings together more innovators in the startup ecosystem than any startup event in our market. I had a blast and made a number of valuable relationships.”

Austin L.

“Loved being part of CodeLaunch, where astounding minds in the tech startup community have the opportunity to make their ideas a reality. Can't wait till the next one!”

Adriana H.

“The energy and community spirit of the startup/tech participants was amazing. It was great to see all sorts of people with the common interests.”

Patrick D.

“I was so impressed by that before and after infusion of brain power and hackathon impact to the founders from the experience, yes winning was a part of it, but it wasn’t that only thing to celebrate by participating in CodeLaunch.”

Landi S.

“We had a blast at CodeLaunch and it seems like everyone else did, too! We've already made wonderful connections!”

Ashley B.

“CodeLaunch is more than just coding or product development. Founders and teams gain insight to business, marketing, entertainment, and the performance side of start-up life.”

Scott D.

“CL has been a game-changer for our startup, offering unparalleled mentorship, exposure, and resources. It has catapulted our growth, connecting us with experts and investors, and accelerating our platform's development. CL is instrumental in shaping our success and propelling us to new heights.”

Aheed K.

“The experience is amazing, the level of knowledge in the room will blow you away.”

Timothy M.

“CodeLaunch propelled our startup to new inspiration by providing a high exposure platform to pitch our rural-focused solution, which accelerated our success.”

Kaymon F.

“What I love about CodeLaunch is how accessible Jason, Raheel and their team are. Their superpower is leveling up early-stage startups to present on stage in front of an electric audience of 1,000 people or more. Without their coaching, our pitch would not connect as solidly as it does now.”

Patrick W.

“CodeLaunch was a fun way to enter the world of entrepreneurship. The biggest benefit was the hackathon that gave us a leg up on development propelling our product forward.”

Shane B.

“The unique CodeLaunch approach to helping startups is an unbelievable platform for a young company. We gained customers and investors because of CL. Highly recommend participating.”

Ben G.

“CodeLaunch is like drinking from a fire hydrant! Fast paced, high energy problem solving to get your tech ready and your pitch on point. There is no other experience like this. Classic rock band, T-shirt cannons and pouring your dreams out on stage to thousands of people. Who could ask for more?”

Warren V.

“CodeLaunch has injected rocket fuel, confidence, and opportunity into our journey to bring Inpathy to the world!”

Kathryn Y.

“CodeLaunch was the rocket fuel in our engines that catapulted us from proof of concept to MVP. With the support from CodeLaunch we've been able to secure investment, bring on users and further refine product-market fit by iteratively improving our product.”

Ian W.

“CodeLaunch was an exhilarating experience that helped accelerate the public launch of our solution. Through working with the CodeLaunch team we were able to quickly build new features, essential for our GTM strategy, gain exposure in front of potential customers, and network with investors.”

Madison L.

“CodeLaunch is the accelerated experience all startups need to really shift to the next gear. It gave me the fuel I needed to take Metatopia out of idea phase into reality.”

Jacoby D.

“Our story is a bit different. CodeLaunch not only increased traffic on DamntThatsCheap.com, but it helped create a strong interest automation platform. This interest helped generate increased demand for our automation platform that in turn allowed us to increase bootstrapping possibilities.”

Jeremy C.

“CodeLaunch Ohio was an amazing experience for us. As a student-founded startup, participating in Codelaunch helped us further refine our business pitch while also partnering with an incredibly talented software firm to develop a critical MVP. We are very grateful to have been a part of CodeLaunch.”

Jack M.

“In addition to receiving meaningful tech development, CodeLaunch has provided us with a wealth of resources in business connections and an increased network of new clients, stakeholders, and investors to continue our transition from a lifestyle business to a scalable company.”

Tim B.

“CodeLaunch was just amazing. I've seen pitch competitions before but CodeLaunch is on a whole other level. The prep work and preshow coaching was incredible. The event was rock star level and the contacts have been simply amazing. If you think you are ready for the big time, go to CodeLaunch.”

Matt B.

“The supportive environment, competitive format, and upbeat energy CodeLaunch provides are unique and uplifting for tech startups. The challenge to refine our pitch and market strategy and the opportunity to work with talented developers were invaluable experiences.”

Matthew B.

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