4 Reasons to Attend CodeLaunch ATL 2021

2021 is the first year that CodeLaunch is on the road! The first stop is Atlanta, Georgia—specifically Alpharetta. If you have never attended CodeLaunch and live in the southeast United States (or want to take a road trip), CodeLaunch ATL 2021 is for you!

CodeLaunch is a seed accelerator competition, startup expo, and networking event all in one. This blog highlights four of the reasons you should attend CodeLaunch ATL 2021—even if you didn’t apply.

#1 Network with Angels & VCs

Last year’s CodeLaunch 8 had over 300 people attend the event. There were entrepreneurs, angels, VCs, investors, startup founders, and more. When professionals with a passion for the startup ecosystem gather in one location, it is the perfect opportunity to meet new people and network. You are bound to meet other like-minded people that you might even end up collaborating with in the future. CodeLaunch is truly a networking event unlike any other!

#2 Access the Pitch Competition

The CodeLaunch Selection Committee chooses Finalists based on a number of criteria. These Finalists are competing for exclusive seed services that are vital to any early-stage startup. These services include a professional product development hackathon team, startup development programs, digital marketing campaigns, legal services, and much, much more!

During the pitch competition, each Finalist has only 5 minutes to go over their background and goals as well as how their concept or product works. They will explain how their product is unique and what makes it marketable and, ultimately, why they should win CodeLaunch.

#3 Access the Startup Expo

After the pitch competition, you will take to the CodeLaunch floor for the startup expo. There will be many booths with sponsors, community partners, Semifinalists, and Finalists. This is where the networking happens!

#4 Vote for a Winner

One of the things that makes CodeLaunch different from other startup competitions is that the audience votes for the winner. Using ProTexting SMS services, each member of the audience will text their favorite Finalist’s unique code to a designated number. You’ll see the results in real-time on the CodeLaunch stage. Once time is up, the Overall Winner is named in an exciting finale!

Join us at CodeLaunch ATL 2021!

CodeLaunch ATL 2021 takes place August 18th 2021 at the Legacy Theatre at Phase Events. Reserve your spot as an attendee by purchasing your ticket from our Eventbrite!


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