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About CodeLaunch

What do you get when you combine a seed accelerator competition, tech tradeshow, a startup conference, and a raucous networking event?

You get CodeLaunch!

CodeLaunch sponsors and partners put thousands of dollars in professional seed services behind the winners of its national seed accelerator competition. CodeLaunch has become a unique and critical amenity to pre-MVP startups.

At the core of CodeLaunch is a seed accelerator competition between individuals and groups who have software technology startup ideas.

CodeLaunch Past, Present, and Future



Code Authority President and CodeLaunch Founder, Jason W. Taylor, hosted the inaugural CodeLaunch event in 2013, but the startup accelerator actually dates back to 2011. Knowing Code Authority had the resources to help startups launch, the “Code Authority App Idea Competition” was created. Though it needed a better name and some fine tuning, the core values have remained the same.

With hard work and determination, the first CodeLaunch startup competition took place on September 11, 2013. CodeLaunch I looked much different than present CodeLaunch events. There were no sponsors and only 40 attendees. The idea was to put a unique spin on the seed accelerator concept. It was all about giving deserving startups the tools they need to get off the ground.

CodeLaunch leveled up in 2015 by adding the startup expo. The tradeshow highlighted sponsors, community partners, and the finalists themselves. It also allowed startups and entrepreneurs to connect with investors through the networking afterparty.

CodeLaunch V introduced professional hackathon teams to help build out the finalists’ products. The hackathon is what sets CodeLaunch apart from other startup accelerators. Finalists leave CodeLaunch with tangible products and MVPs even if they do not place as Overall Winner.

Since its inception, CodeLaunch has accelerated numerous startups and curated thousands of applications from all over the United States and worldwide.



From its humble beginnings, CodeLaunch has successfully grown into the startup accelerator we know and love today. CodeLaunch set a new standard and each year gets better and better. Along with the startup competition, tech expo, and afterparty, CodeLaunch VII and VIII showcased international finalists, multiple hackathon teams, pyrotechnics, and confetti guns. CodeLaunch has come a long way!

CodeLaunch elevates the most innovative startups in the world by providing premier seed services critical to stimulating their business. CodeLaunch offers its support to the local and international startup ecosystem by providing these invaluable services at no cost nor equity surrendered to winning applicants.

In the fall of 2019, Code Authority (and CodeLaunch) merged with Dallas-based and North American technology consulting company Improving. Improving strongly aligns itself with Conscious Capitalism, a growing movement in American business. As such, it turns out the CodeLaunch model of altruistically providing startups with critical pre-seed services is also highly aligned with Conscious Capitalism and Improving’s cultural identity and core values.

Each application includes a mutual non-disclosure agreement to protect the ideas and applicant. The startup competition is open to anyone regardless of location. The semifinalists, quarterfinalists, and finalists are determined on a merit-based set of criteria by the CodeLaunch Selection Committee.



The CodeLaunch Startup Accelerator event is traveling to different Improving markets quarterly. Follow us on social media or subscribe to our email blast to keep up with our schedule.

Look for CodeLaunch coming to a city near you! We will be traveling to these Improving markets in the coming years:

  • Atlanta, GA
  • Austin, TX
  • Calgary, CAN
  • Chicago, IL
  • Cleveland, OH
  • College Station, TX
  • Columbus, OH
  • Dallas/Frisco, TX
  • Guadalajara, MEX
  • Houston, TX
  • Minneapolis, MN
  • Omaha, NE
  • We’re always Improving so this list will only grow!



2021 CodeLaunch ATL
Legacy Theatre at Phase Events

2020 CodeLaunch VIII
Comerica Center

First event where every finalist received a professional hackathon prior to the event. First event with two international finalists. First event with live / real-time pitch and Q&A from international startup founders.

2019 CodeLaunch VII
Comerica Center

Service(s) Won:
3GStrong– 3-Day Professional Hackathon (Improving)
CharaChorder (Code Authority)
MEU Swipe – 3-Day Professional Hackathon (Code Authority)
First year with 3 Finalists receiving hackathons.
First year that hackathons happened prior to the event.
First time International category Finalist visited and presented in-person at CodeLaunch event.

2018 CodeLaunch VI
Dr. Pepper Arena

Service(s) Won:
KidStrong– 3-Day Professional Hackathon (Code Authority)
CountertopSmart– 3-Day Professional Hackathon (Improving)
Added additional software development company hackathon for additional winner (Improving)

2017 CodeLaunch V
Dr. Pepper Arena

Service(s) Won:
3-Day Professional Hackathon Accelerated MVP Services
Launched Cortex's 3-day professional product hackathon model

2016 CodeLaunch IV
Dr. Pepper Arena

Service(s) Won:
Accelerated MVP Services
First year at Comerica Center

2015 CodeLaunch III
3001 Dallas Parkway 8th Floor

Icon Trophy Key2Close (Boise, ID)
Skrible (Lewisville, TX)
Pyli (Fort Worth, TX)
A.A.L. (Jackson, MS)
Service(s) Won:
$75,000 in MVP Development Services
1st out-of-state winner (Idaho)

2014 CodeLaunch II
NTEC Conference Center

Icon Trophy eCharts (Weatherford, TX)
InspireVive (Houston, TX)
Emigo (Dallas, TX)
GS (Tyler, TX)
Texas Divorce Guide (Dallas, TX)
Service(s) Won:
$85,000 in MVP Development Services
First Finalist outside of Dallas-Fort Worth

2013 CodeLaunch I
NTEC Conference Center

Icon Trophy RentEval (Dallas, TX)
Icon Trophy Varsity Quad
Well Being Challenge (Frisco, TX)
Show Ready Services (Fort Worth, TX)
Fluid Pro
Service(s) Won:
$125,000 in MVP Development Services
RentEval was acquired by a 3rd party in 2014 and was the first CodeLaunch “exit”.

2011-2012 Pre CodeLaunch

Code Authority incubated the School Office Pro team at it's Parkwood Dr. location for 2 years. We provided hundreds of thousands of dollars in services, infrastructure, mentoring, product development and sales team support during this time. This support helped School Office Pro raise over $400K during and after this period. SOP still exists and is thriving today thanks to CodeLaunch.

History At A Glance

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