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CodeLaunch Afterburner

CodeLaunch is introducing our new Afterburner program. Afterburner is the scaffolding that provides individualized coaching, results-based direction, and fundraising assistance to startups ready to launch.

What is CodeLaunch Afterburner?


CodeLaunch Afterburner is a program designed to gain as much traction in as short a time as possible for those startups who are ready to “Launch”.  We take the prototypes and progress from the CodeLaunch competition and put it in the real world! From gaining customers to scaling operations, Afterburner is all about how far you will go once you are in the air.


Who is Eligible for CodeLaunch Afterburner?


Any competitor that won OR successfully completed an MVP after being a Semifinalist. Additionally, some select competitors that applied may be given access to Afterburner based on their strong showing during the application process.


What Do CodeLaunch Afterburner Competitors Receive?


Afterburner competitors receive individualized coaching and results based direction. Additionally we will assist them with fundraising and there may or may not be a cash prize.  Just like a startup is constantly evolving and iterating, so is Afterburner. We are installing new concepts and modules constantly so that your startup can get the rocket fuel it deserves.

What Can Competitors Expect From Afterburner?


Afterburner is designed to:

  • Help you get more customers
  • Build a stronger team
  • Raise money
  • Pivot and stay lean
  • And so much more

How is Success Measured in Afterburner?


Real world traction. Customers, users, revenue, marketing metrics, and support for startups who are ready to raise for funding.  This is not a pitch competition, this is the real world where getting stuff done matters.

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