CodeLaunch and Mankind Join Forces to Support Men’s Health

Get ready for a new collaboration that’s set to make a significant impact in North Texas and beyond! CodeLaunch is thrilled to announce a new initiative that will help local nonprofits within the cities that we travel to. For CodeLaunch DFW 2023, we are partnering with Mankind, which is on a mission to support men facing health crises in North Texas.   

Recent photo of the volunteer board of directors for Mankind.

For CodeLaunch DFW 2023, we will have refundable local charity benefit tickets for sale. A portion of the ticket price will be given directly to the charity. And this initiative is more than just a one-time occurrence. It’s a commitment that we plan to uphold in all our future competitions, as we’re on a mission to find and team up with nonprofits in every city we visit.

We spoke to one of the Mankind founders, Eric Becker, about their mission and why it’s an important initiative for the DFW area. He tells us the idea for Mankind came about when his father-in-law was diagnosed with prostate cancer back in 2008.   

“We didn’t know anything about [prostate cancer]. In society, we tend to know more about diseases like breast cancer because men don’t typically share about these things. So, we decided to start Mankind to spread the word about prostate cancer while also pushing men to visit the doctor and get annual checkups.”  

Eric emphasized that, especially in the South, men are reluctant to go to yearly checkups or acknowledge health issues.  

Mankind Supporters celebrate at the 2021 Mankind Charity Classic with ‘Coach Kevin Paul’ one of Mankind’s most inspiring beneficiary impact and survival stories.

“They think they’re strong and it’s just a little pain in their back or shoulder or whatever. So, they don’t go to the doctor and that delay in treatment could be fatal.”  

Mankind steps in where it’s needed most, offering financial support to men who require assistance with medical bills or healthcare-related expenses. And Eric tells us that the funds from the CodeLaunch local charity benefit ticket will help them greatly with this mission.  

“Obviously, CodeLaunch has a great reputation, and a lot of people pay attention to it, so we’re excited for people to see our brand during the competition. It’s the awareness factor. We’re here to help people realize that it’s important to get medical care and that it’s a strength, not a weakness to do so.”  

Here is how the local charity benefit ticket refunds will work: 50% of the ticket proceeds (minus fees) will be refunded to you, while the other half will go to Mankind. But there’s a catch! You will receive the refund only if your ticket is scanned a the CodeLaunch DFW door on the day of the event. If you do not scan your ticket at the door, the full ticket price will be split between Mankind and CodeLaunch.  

Click here to get your tickets now! To learn more about Mankind, visit their website. And make sure to find out everything you need to know about CodeLaunch DFW 2023 by reading this blog post


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