CodeLaunch Comes to Houston, TX for the First Time in Competition History

CodeLaunch is making its way to H-Town for the very first time, helping early-stage startups succeed using our unique spin on the seed accelerator model. Aligned with the ideals of conscious capitalism, CodeLaunch supports the startup ecosystem by awarding deserving startups with the invaluable services they need to launch. We have given over $1M in services to Finalists and the Overall Winners since 2013. 

“I am excited about what CodeLaunch means for these finalists, and what it means for the health and continued growth of the Houston startup space. Improving is investing heavily in the community through CodeLaunch and other events. This year is GREAT, and next year will be even greater!”

– Devlin Liles, President of Improving Houston

CodeLaunch HOU 2022 Finalists Announced: 

Congratulations to our CodeLaunch HOU 2022 finalists, who will compete in our main event on March 30th at the Bayou Music Center!


Each of these incredible startups will receive a professional product development hackathon from one of our professional hackathon team sponsors.

Our Houston cohort started with 81 founders. A small group earned their way into the CodeLaunch Professional Coder League “draft” after a six-week interactive and educational gauntlet produced by the CodeLaunch curation team. 

One of those founders is Eric Goldner, who is the founder of SkyValet.

“Being an up-and-coming travel start-up, SkyValet has had an interest in CodeLaunch since 2020,” Goldner said. “CodeLaunch is a natural fit for us. After applying for the accelerator, the second time was the charm for us — nothing comes easy. We are excited for what the event will bring as we expand our product offerings for 2022 and beyond.”

The hackathon teams made up of elite professional technology architects will put in 24 hours of sweat into their drafted startup before our competition finale and showcase on March 30th. ​

FirstGen Agency Founder Raheel Malik is our emcee, assisting with curation and production. This is his fourth CodeLaunch event.

Professional Hackathon Team Sponsors:

Houston-based technology company Axon Collective will provide a hackathon team for Aikynetix. 

“We first heard about CodeLaunch years ago when we were in Dallas, and we’ve followed them closely ever since. Our whole mission as a company revolves around enabling startups and helping them succeed, and so when we learned that CodeLaunch was coming to Houston we knew we had to participate. Aikynetix lands at the intersection of breakthrough technology and real need, and we are so excited to join them as they revolutionize running science.” 

– Axon Collective 

Only one startup will win, but every finalist will walk out with valuable investments already made to their startup because of the time their Hackathon team spent working on their product. 

What is CodeLaunch? 

Produced by Improving, CodeLaunch is a combination of a seed accelerator competition, tech tradeshow, startup conference, and raucous networking event! CodeLaunch sponsors and partners put thousands of dollars in professional seed services behind the winners of its national seed accelerator competition. 

CodeLaunch was founded in 2013. CodeLaunch Founder and President Jason W. Taylor wanted to help startups who were investible but for their technology holding up closing funding deals. With Code Authority’s (now Improving Frisco) resources, he made it happen. 

We have evolved into a traveling seed accelerator and startup expo. The first CodeLaunch event held outside of DFW was CodeLaunch ATL 2021 which was held in August. Based on the turnout and community interest in Atlanta, we have launched the CodeLaunch North American World Tour and Houston is our first stop!

What makes CodeLaunch truly unique is the professional hackathon. Local “dev shops” come together to build out as much of each Finalists’ MVP as possible. The Finalists then demo these products live and for the first time in front of the CodeLaunch audience, who then vote for a winner. 

CodeLaunch is aligned with the ideals of conscious capitalism, believing that business can be socially responsible and, ultimately, ethically good. One of the ways we exemplify this philosophy is by making the competition free to apply with no equity surrendered by the applicants. This means startups have nothing to lose and everything to gain by applying. In addition, CodeLaunch gives away surplus exhibitor space to local startups for free, allowing them to network with angels and investors. 

Join Us at CodeLaunch HOU 2022! 

CodeLaunch will take place at the Bayou Music Center on March 30th, 2022 in Houston, TX. Get your tickets here!

Media, Exhibit, and Sponsorship Inquiries:

You and your brand are invited to CodeLaunch. There is still time for your brand to align with CodeLaunch and Conscious Capitalism. Parties interested in Exhibit space, Media, and Sponsorship may contact Max Day. 

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