Cyrannus Pledges $100,000 to a Future CodeLaunch Startup! Could You Be the Winner?

Cyrannus Pledges $100,000 to a Future CodeLaunch Startup! Could You Be the Winner?

By CA Staff Blogger September 7, 2022

With Thor’s hammer in his hand, Cyrannus Founder Lee Mosbacker wowed CodeLaunch Ohio 2022 audience members as he announced a $100,000 investment to one lucky CodeLaunch startup.  

Lee says he wanted to reward CodeLaunch participants with the opportunity to get real cash into their business. So, he’s doubling down on the support that CodeLaunch gives to startups by helping founders get traction after the competition.  

Here are the terms: 

In order to be in the running, startups will have to make it to the semi-final round of any one of the next five CodeLaunch competitions (though CodeLaunch Ohio 2022 semi-finalists will also be eligible). On January 1st, 2023, Cyrannus will start taking fresh applications from these startup founders.  

Founder of Cyrannus.io and Judge at CodeLaunch Ohio 2022, Lee Mosbacker announcing the CodeLaunch & Cyrannus $100k Challenge.

Lee plans to announce more specifics right before the application portal opens, but he told us there are two things he’s looking for in a winning startup. One is impact. How will it impact the community, climate change, diversity, or things of that nature? Then, he will look at its overall viability score. 

Once Lee declares the winner of this monetary reward, that founder will be introduced to the Cyrannus network. These are companies that help startups build and market their product.  

“Not only will they get the cash, but also be introduced to a network that will help them refine their idea and get ready for their first big fundraiser,” Lee says. 

The $100,000 will be invested either through an SPV or SAFE agreement. Lee says he wants Cyrannus to lead the winning startup to another leading investor and is not looking for equity or to set any terms. 

Wait... there’s more news! 

Along with this major announcement, Lee revealed that Cyrannus will be a CodeLaunch presenting sponsor for the next five shows! He also gave us insight into the growth of Cyrannus this year. 

Cyrannus will keep creating high-level strategy blogs investigating technical due diligence. In January 2023, they will open the Cyrannus network. This will be a portal where people can submit their business plans, and experts will score them. 

The third part of Cyrannus will be a curation of companies that will be validated by the Cyrannus network. These companies will help various startups level up like they plan to do for the CodeLaunch startup that wins the $100,000. 

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