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CodeLaunch Atlanta Startup Competition

CodeLaunch Atlanta

Presented by

Date: May 10, 2023

Time: 4:00pm to 9:00pm

Location: Buckhead Theatre

About CodeLaunch Atlanta


Improving is proud to host CodeLaunch Atlanta in Q2 of 2023. As details become final we will update this page with all of the key information you need to know.

Important Upcoming Dates

February 7: Applications Open

February 13: ATV Startup Village Event

March 9: ATV CodeLaunch and Cocktails Event

March 10: Applications Close

March 15: Accepted Reveal Livestream 4:30pm

March 24: Accepted Cohorts Homework Due at Midnight

March 29: Semifinalists Reveal Livestream 4pm

April 3-13: Semifinalists Pitches

April 14: Hackathon Sponsors Draft

April 18: Finalists Reveal Livestream and Event at ATV

May 5: Final Pitch Decks Due

May 7: Professional Hackathons Day 1

May 8: Professional Hackathons Day 2

May 9: Finalists Dinner

May 10: CodeLaunch Atlanta2023

Categories Supported:

U.S. Commercial Venture

Human/Community Impact

Student Founder


Professional Hackathon Teams

Hackathon Team
One Finalist
Hackathon Team
One Finalist
Build Technology Group
Build Technology Group
Hackathon Team
One Finalist
Abel Solutions
Hackathon Team
One Finalist

Local Sponsors and Partners

Judge Panelists and Emcee

Global Community Partners