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Welcome to CodeLaunch Mexico 2023

CodeLaunch Mexico 2023

Presented by

Date: August 30, 2023

Time: 4 pm to 9 pm

Location: Guadalajara, Mexico
Tec De Monterey Campus Guadalajara, Centro de Congresos

Mexico Seed Accelerator & Startup Incubator


Improving is proud to host CodeLaunch Mexico, the first International market for CodeLaunch in our 10 year+ history, and the first which will only accept startups from the host country of Mexico!

CodeLaunch is the perfect opportunity for first-time founders as it costs nothing to apply for the competition and winning Finalists do not surrender any equity or IP. We partner with dozens of Mexico-based organizations that donate thousands of dollars in professional seed services to help startups get to market faster and more efficiently.

If you need help funding your startup, apply to CodeLaunch today!

Note The Following Rules:

  • All pitch decks must be in English.
  • All pitch meetings will be delivered in English.
  • All content on stage will be in English.

Important Dates:

May 10: Applications Open
June 18: Applications Close (at Midnight GDL TIME)
June 21: Quarterfinalist Reveal via LinkedIn Livestream
June 21 – July 7: Homework Execution Race
July 9: Homework Due
July 12: Semifinalist Reveal Event in GDL
July 17-24: Semifinalist Pitch Meetings (30 slots)
July 27: Hackathon Partners PCL Draft
August 2: Finalist Reveal Event in GDL
August 27: Hackathon Day 1
August 28: Hackathon Day 2
August 29: Finalists’ Dinner
August 30: CodeLaunch Mexico 2023!!!

Proficiency in English is required for all content and meetings.

Categories Supported:

Mexico-Based Startups Only

Professional Hackathon Teams

Norman Cognitive Agriculture
Hackathon Team
Hackathon Team
Dalton Labs
VEX Experience
Dalton Labs
Hackathon Team
Blue People
Blue People
Hackathon Team
Hoko! SalesMatch
DW Software
Hackathon Team
Hackathon Team

Local Sponsors and Partners

Judge Panelists and Emcee

Global Community Partners