Five Finalists Competing in Unique North Texas Startup Competition Announced

Finalist Announcement

Code Authority is excited to announce the selection of our five finalists representing four startup venture categories in CodeLaunch VII: the national seed accelerator and pitch competition where finalists will pitch their startup idea to panelists and a live audience at Comerica Center in Frisco, Texas on July 31, 2019.

U.S. Commercial Venture – Michael Bates of “MEUSwipe” (Frisco, Texas)

U.S. Commercial Venture – Riley Keen of “CharaChorder” (Dunwoody, Georgia)

Youth – Prince Nallamothula of “Happy Family” (Frisco, Texas)

Social Impact – Jamie Peden of “3GStrong” (Frisco, Texas)

International – Ricardo Carmona of “Matereo” (Coimbra, Portugal)

About CodeLaunch:

Created by Code Authority’s CEO and President, Jason W. Taylor, in 2012, CodeLaunch is an exclusive opportunity to win seed services that are invaluable to early-stage startups.

The unique and innovative seed accelerator model pairs the best startup entrepreneurs with professional hackathon teams for three days preceding Pitch Day where three teams of five professional software developers will work on the startups’ product development.

Professional hackathon recipients – Social Impact and U.S. Commercial Venture category finalists – will walk on stage with their custom code in-hand on Pitch Day.

There’s no cost nor surrendered equity to participate in the competition, and all ideas are protected under a non-disclosure agreement. Sponsors and partners, such as UNT at Frisco and Improving, also help guide winning startup ventures down the path of success while minimizing their financial risk by awarding over $100,000 in services.

Ambitious finalists aim to win over the audience on Pitch Day, but partners Jamie Peden and Kelly Starnes of 3GStrong recognize what a huge accomplishment it is to even make it to the final round of CodeLaunch.

 “It’s always fun to be able to share our passion with others,” said Peden. “But it is also really rewarding to have others recognize your idea as something valuable for society and viable as a business.”

With their own input about the significance of this event in their startup journey, international finalist Ricardo Carmona of Matereo shares his vision for the implementation of his services in Frisco following CodeLaunch 2019.

 “CodeLaunch VII is the perfect event for our stage of development, allowing strategic connections for our development needs in the US,” said Carmona. “We want Frisco to be the very first city in the USA to have our technology for smarter and predictable bridges.”

Code Authority offers 100% onshore technology consulting services, such as business automation, transformation, production development, UI/UX, and full-service digital marketing to companies of all sizes and startups via our innovative CodeLaunch accelerator.


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