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CodeLaunch Hall of Fame

These startups are soaring since having been accelerated by CodeLaunch and represent great early-stage off-market deal flow opportunities for VC and Angels. Some have earned investments from the CodeLaunch FUEL FUND by Improving (our early stage micro fund which injects capital into ventures which have come through a CodeLaunch cohort managed by CodeLaunch Founder Jason W. Taylor).

Jake Hamann founder of Autix Automotive, during Champion's Interview with founders of Endora, at CodeLaunch DFW 2021.

AUTIX is revolutionizing the way car enthusiasts interact with the automotive ecosystem by providing a central hub for connecting, sharing, and understanding the value of customized cars.
Jake Hamann, Founder

CodeLaunch Fuel Fund Recipient

Nick Powell, CEO of ProsRent, and Sheharyar Sorathia, COO of ProsRent, at CodeLaunch DFW 2021.

Innovative marketplace connecting commercial construction rental buyers and suppliers via SAAS platform. Find out more about ProsRent and their "Exit" here and here.
Nick Powell, CEO

CodeLaunch Fuel Fund Recipient

Riley Keen and his team of co-founders pitch at CodeLaunch DFW 2019.

CharaChorder is a new class of peripheral device which allows ordinary people to type faster than is physically possible on any keyboard.
Riley Keen, CEO of CharaChorder

CodeLaunch Fuel Fund Recipient

Founder Erinn Valencich enjoying the CodeLaunch IV event she pitched at as finalist in 2016.

From Inspiration to Installation, StyleRow has all the tools to take an interior design project from conception to completion, no matter the scope or budget.
Erinn Valencich, Founder

ParkUpFront hosting a local Cars and Cantina event in the greater Dallas area.

Automobile enthusiasts’ portal which brings multiple types of car communities together at nationally prominent auto show events, rally-tour events and facilitates a marketplace.

AnyShift CodeLaunch presentation

Team AnyShift (Sania Khan and Aheed Khan) walk onto the stage at CodeLaunch HOU 2023.

Logo AnyShift

AnyShift is redefining digital staffing. Our user-friendly platform connects businesses with a diverse talent pool of students and flexible workers. Join us in revolutionizing the way companies source on-demand labor and empowering individuals in the gig economy.

CodeLaunch Houston 2022

That's Clutch founders Simone May and Madison Long celebrate their Judge's Choice championship at CodeLaunch HOU 2022.

Logo Clutch

Clutch's platform enables marketing experts to expand their revenue streams, meet the increasing demand for short-form video content, and establish more metric-driven client relationships by being paired with vetted, specialized content creators that are experts in engaging diverse audience.

Codiac CodeLaunch presentation

Codiac founders Mark Freydl and Ben Ghazi compete at CodeLaunch HOU 2022.

Logo Codiac

Codiac is the platform for product management and SaaS businesses. Built to empower the team, shrink your time to market, and de-risk your investment. The future of work in the cloud and Kubernetes is now as simple as using Netflix.

Shaking Hands Damn That's Cheap

DamnThatsCheap founder Jeremy Cate (left) and Contollo founder Isaac Carter (right) celebrate their championships at CodeLaunch DFW 2022.

Logo Damn That's Cheap

DamnThatsCheap (DTC) is an online hotel booking site with a refreshingly simple goal: make sure you get the best price possible, even after booking with us. You Book, We Shop, You Save!

Endora at CodeLaunch

Endora founders Coco Harmon (left) and Kitty Bogle-Sherman (right) promote Endora with CodeLaunch ATL 2023 emcee Raheel Malik. Endora was a CodeLaunch finalist in 2020.

Logo Endora

Endora is a suite of mobile games personalized with your photos. As you play, you activate the proven benefits of routine reflection: gratitude, optimism, & perspective. We are at the forefront of the emerging Wellness Gaming space, and our mission is to help the world Reflect More & Compare Less.

Evva at CodeLaunch

EVVA Health founders Carl Hanna (left) and Saurabh Vyas celebrate their CodeLaunch ATL 2021 Championship.

Logo Evva

Evva Health is a personalized, simplified, and affordable ecosystem for families to better care for themselves and their loved ones in the community. Evva understands the needs of each patient and family and builds a digital front door to guide and support them throughout their unique care journey.

Warren Vandever, founder of Gophr, pitches at CodeLaunch Houston 2023.

Logo Gophr

Gophr the "QuickBooks for logistics," providing a comprehensive solution to streamline and simplify your delivery needs. With their platform, you can become your own freight broker, even without prior knowledge in the logistics space.

KidStrong at CodeLaunch

KidStrong founders Matt and Megin Sharp pitch at CodeLaunch DFW 2018 prior to their Championship. KidStrong had one store prior to CodeLaunch.

KidStrong Logo

KidStrong is a private child development training center focused on brain, physical & character development for ages walking through 11 years old. KidStrong offers a science-based curriculum that is parent-focused and taught by professionals.

Mastery Portfolio at Codelaunch

Mastery Portfolio founder Constance Borro, tries on her new championship belt trophy at CodeLaunch OHIO 2022.

Logo Mastery Portfolio

Mastery Portfolio is a collection of web-based tools designed to improve education practices. Our primary application, MasteryBook, revolutionizes how instructors record, assess and view data that is standards-first and mastery-focused.

UnicornForms at CodeLaunch

UnicornForms founder Patrick Waldo pitches at CodeLaunch ATL 2023.

Tired of filling out the same information for literally every application, registration, licensing, credentialing or questionnaire process? UnicornForms is building the next generation electronic signature, document management and form experience powered by data engineering and the latest AI.

E360 founder Matt Bonasera (Center) and Honeycomb software celebrate their championships at CodeLaunch HOU 2023.

E360's smart energy software simplifies data tracking, helping clients focus on improving energy savings and performance instead of worrying about high bills.

Norman Cognitive Agriculture celebrating their victory at CodeLaunch GDL 2023.

Through their award-winning ADSS (Agricultural Decision Support System), Norman Cognitive Agriculture's product helps farmers analyze the relationship between different variables, displaying the main cost centers and suggesting action based solutions.

Orgaimi founder Paul Giedraitis on the stage at CodeLaunch DFW 2023.

Orgaimi is the world's most powerful client intelligence platform for law and accounting firms. Their product uses sophisticated data science models, machine learning, and AI to analyze over a million current and historical client attributes, enhancing the work of data scientists, engineers, and business analysts.

Bizbat receiving the Judges' Choice Award at CodeLaunch DFW 2023.

BizBat is an online solution that provides tools for professional networking in music. Their platform allows musicians and music professionals to create profiles based on their needs, enabling them to connect to the right people and to find opportunities for their career’s development.

Romio's founder David Gomez on Stage at CodeLaunch GDL 2023.

Romio is a LATAM car-sharing marketplace with tools to help owners list vehicles, connect with riders, & manage trips. They provide a transparent booking flow that makes finding a rental car exciting again.

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