Happy Family’s Startup Experience from Conception to Celebration

Happy Family

Frisco, Texas’ startup-focused national seed accelerator and pitch competition is taking place on July 31! The seventh annual CodeLaunch event will feature speaker content, exhibitor booths, networking opportunities and more!

Learn about our Youth finalist, Happy Family, in this post detailing the startup’s foundation, accomplishments and trajectory.


Happy Family is a health app created with family wellness in mind.

A family is where life begins. Right now, technology is ruling the world and there is no time for family members to come together. Stress, anxiety and loneliness lead to drugs, and lack of love leads to crime. The key to a healthy body and mind is a happy family. According to the statistics, people with a happy family live a longer and healthier life. Therefore, family wellness is a significant factor in shaping a better world.

People utilize varying fitness gadgets and apps worldwide, but there are no family wellness apps on the market. The Happy Family app has some great, unique features that help family members stay connected in a fun way.


Happy Family’s founder Prince Nallamothula asked himself other-centered questions from a young age. He asked himself “What makes people happy?” and “How can we increase family wellness?”

Following his questions came the creation of the family wellness app. He knew that an accessible, fun mobile app was the way to truly reach families and impact their happiness.

He used the SOLVED approach to come up with the final idea and tried different designs before he could finalize the solution. SOLVED stands for study, observe, list, visualize, engage and decide.

Prince then created wireframes of his mobile application using hand drawn screens and overall flow. And after that, he created a prototype using scratch programming and online mobile app wireframe websites. Once he was ready, he decided to present it.

Prince won the Chicago Young Inventor Challenge at the Chicago Toy and Game Fair for this concept and got to travel to NY toy fair, which is essentially the Oscar of toys.

The young entrepreneur also presented the Happy Family app idea in various Maker Faires. Following the impactful events, Prince received a patent pending status on this whole concept to protect his family-based mobile application idea.


“We believe that happy families make happy communities. Happy communities make happy states. Happy states make happy countries. And happy counties make a happy world.”



Prince is a young inventor, and along with a proclamation from the city mayor, he has been offered a full-ride scholarship to UNT. He was also the host/presenter for the TOTY awards event.


Happy Family’s startup journey is accelerating at CodeLaunch 7 on July 31 in Frisco, Texas’ Comerica Center! Those looking to support Happy Family and other startups, network with local and national entrepreneurs, as well as interact with sponsors and partners should attend the seed accelerator competition and startup conference.

Prince told the CodeLaunch team that he is “planning to launch [his] product into market in a phased approach. First in the U.S., marketing in the leading city of the US – DFW – and then slowly spreading wings in the entire U.S.”

Help choose the overall winner of CodeLaunch 7 by joining the live audience on Pitch Day! Be a part of Happy Family’s success by showing up to support the startup business.

Tickets are currently on sale, so get your ticket to RSVP for the greatest CodeLaunch event to date!

Congratulations on your business’ accomplishments, Happy Family! We are happy to support you throughout your startup journey.


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