How CodeLaunch is Innovating the Seed Accelerator Model

Early-stage startup founders are looking for any resource they can to raise funding and launch. There are many programs and services out there so it can be difficult knowing which to choose and where to start. A great option for startups is seed accelerators. This blog will give you more information on seed accelerator as well as highlight how CodeLaunch compares to other programs.

What is a Seed Accelerator?

A seed accelerator, or startup accelerator, is a short-term program that provides mentorship and funding opportunities to help a startup grow. There are many benefits to taking part in a seed accelerator as a budding startup.

Some benefits include:

  • Lots of Short-Term Learning – Seed accelerators only last a couple of months, but in that time, you learn so much. Seed accelerators are intense and educational, and they allow you to condense months, or even years, of growth into a short period of time. You will learn anything from proper pitching and business planning to social media tactics and marketing strategies.
  • Connect with Mentors – Seed accelerators align themselves with larger, well-established companies and allot mentors to help the involved startups. You will engage directly with professionals with different backgrounds to give you advice and shape you to succeed.
  • Get Funding – Startup accelerators usually provide funding or help you find funding during the course of the program. This allows you to focus on learning and growing your startup.
  • Networking – Along with connecting with mentors, you will be introduced to other startups and founders selected by the startup accelerator. You will get to know a broad network of entrepreneurs and investors!

The Top Startup Accelerators

CodeLaunch isn’t the only seed accelerator out there. Here are three of the top startup accelerators (aside from CodeLaunch).

Founded in 2005, Y Combinator is one of the most well-known startup accelerators around the world. They have funded more than 2,000 startups with a total of over $100 billion. They have kickstarted startups that are now household names, such as Dropbox, Twitch, and Airbnb.  

Techstars was founded in 2006 and remains one of the largest seed accelerator programs, spanning across 15 countries. They have launched over 1,500 startups. Additionally, Techstars helps founders by giving them access to their global network of founders, mentors, and investors.

StartupBootcamp has funded over 400 startups since it was founded in 2010. It is a three-month program that is offered in different cities across the globe. They aim to help early-stage startups grow by using their vast network of founders, partners, and investors.

How CodeLaunch Compares to Other Seed Accelerators

CodeLaunch is a unique spin on the software seed accelerator concept. It is about giving deserving startups the tools they need to get off the ground. Since its inception, CodeLaunch has given over $900,000 in exclusive seed services to CodeLaunch Finalists.

Unlike other startup accelerators, CodeLaunch is completely free to apply and takes zero equity from startups. Another thing that sets CodeLaunch apart from the rest is the professional hackathon team that accelerates the Finalists’ product development. CodeLaunch can eliminate the need for startups to apply for other seed accelerators by attracting the funding they need to launch.

Instead of just giving startups a cash prize, CodeLaunch provides startups with tangible services they need to launch as well the resulting product from the professional hackathon. Participating startups can then network and connect with investors, VCs, and Angels in the networking afterparty. Startups get everything they need to succeed from CodeLaunch without spending any money to apply. Now that’s innovation.

CodeLaunch has many success stories. Keri Kilty, co-founder Authentify Art, CodeLaunch 8 Overall Winner, said, “CodeLaunch was a turning point for our team. The experience of competing accelerated our journey and pushed us into raising $200,000 over our original fundraising goal.”

Kilty continued, “CodeLaunch gives startups what they really need—a push. CodeLaunch gave us that push and we dove into our technology development headfirst. We ran at our goals and stopped worrying about being perfect or failing. CodeLaunch was the spark we needed to accept success and opportunities that were waiting for us. Now we are celebrating new client acquisitions, working with internationally renowned artists and global technology companies that are household names. We would have missed these wins had CodeLaunch not lit the fire our team needed.”

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