How Greenchips Helps Women Achieve Financial Goals

Greenchips is a startup dedicated to giving women the tools they need to succeed financially. This blog highlights Greenchips, their unique software, and their CodeLaunch experience so far.

About Greenchips

With a B.S. in Business and Financial Planning and over a decade of financial service and wealth management experience, Rashedia Mayhane is the founder of Greenchips. “At Greenchips we help women gain the financial confidence and control needed to create the lives they deserve. This is achieved with our thoughtfully designed software which helps women thrive as they navigate through our four-step process,” says Rashedia.

“We are our members. For women. By women. Our keen focus on our member’s money mindset is what sets us apart from any other financial company. We know that everything starts with our minds, including building wealth,” says Rashedia.

Rashedia has worked for some of the world’s largest wealth management and financial institutions, such as Wells Fargo and Morgan Stanley. She has heard countless women say that money controls them rather than the other way around. Rashedia herself has overcome many financial obstacles so she knows firsthand that if you’re able to shift your money mindset, eliminate bad habits, and identify your goals, life will have limitless possibilities, especially around building wealth.

She wanted to start her own business for freedom. The freedom to own her own time, which is part of how she defines her own wealth, the freedom to create a business that is truly focused on helping women thrive, and the freedom to create something bigger than herself.

Accomplishments, Goals, & CodeLaunch

Greenchips has reached many milestones since it was founded. Some of their biggest accomplishments are:

  • 150+ members
  • 4k+ followers
  • Raising $98,583
  • 3 non-profit partners
  • 3 female-led organization partners

Greenchips has been hard at work, and Rashedia always keeps her goals in mind. Greenchips’ short-term goal is to build a dynamic and powerful community of like-minded women who are looking to thrive. The long-term goal is to be a one-stop shop for women and money with a money mindset, financial planning, banking, investments, and career building.

Rashedia heard about CodeLaunch from her mentor. “As an African-American, female founder who does not receive the same amount of funding as my white male counterparts, being able to have our MVP built is HUGE,” she says.

This is Rashedia’s second time applying, and each time she’s had the opportunity to learn and grow. She is excited to represent women in the finance and tech field. If she were to win, her plan is to launch the Greenchips MVP, to keep growing, and to make an impact in the lives of women.

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