How iStory is Taking Digital Marketing to the Next Level

The marketing industry is always looking for new ways to get their message across. That’s where iStory comes in. They are a one-of-a-kind tool for digital marketers to tell their stories. Read on to learn more about iStory and their CodeLaunch experience.

What is iStory?

iStory is the first interactive storytelling tool for digital marketers that integrates voice/AI, rich media, and analytics. From its abilities and functions, iStory is unique for many reasons. iStory has perfect timing for voice, content creation, and digital messaging. It has a technology stack that combines voice technology (voice to text, text to voice, and text to action) with no code platform.

This startup is made of a special team with the best industry experience. They have a deep understanding of entrepreneurship, marketing, and engineering. iStory’s co-founders are:

  • Stephen Mallik, engineering co-founder
  • Adi, Raj. Murali, & Vinoth, technology co-founders
  • Chris Hall, management co-founder
  • Urs Rothmayr, management co-founder
  • Mike Nevis, product co-founder
  • Mass Schachte, product co-founder

“The spark behind our startup was the realization that ‘Life is not about speed and productivity, which is what we do with software. With AI, we can propel creativity.’,” says Stephen Mallik. Stephen said his interest in starting his own business is a love for “the entrepreneurial spirit to be free and the desire to express oneself fully.”

iStory’s biggest accomplishments so far:

  • Technology created
  • Product MVP completed
  • Initial product market fit
  • Starting to validate the business model
  • Management team in place

Their short-term goal (3 years) is to disrupt the marketing industry by empowering digital marketers to tell powerful stories using voice AI. Their long-term goal (3 to 7 years) is to disrupt the content economy with a storytelling technology that combines the most advanced AI technology with the best-in-class digital content rendering technology.

The CodeLaunch Experience

iStory heard about CodeLaunch while they were searching for avenues for startup acceleration. They have a competitive nature, so CodeLaunch stood out to them. The professional hackathon also made them interested.

“So far our CodeLaunch experience has been awesome. The feeling that we were chosen out of the many companies that applies gave us much-needed confidence. CodeLaunch is flying a team from Houston to participate in the hackathon, and we feel so blessed about it. We think we will be a better company after the competition because of the exposure and the technology push we get,” says Stephen.

They are most excited about the results of the professional hackathon as well as the opportunity to pitch and showcase their product on stage in front of a large audience who is interested in startups.

If iStory were to win, they would use the acceleration they got out of CodeLaunch to continue to propel forward to get funded and launch.

Join us at CodeLaunch ATL 2021!

The only way you can see iStory’s pitch is by attending CodeLaunch ATL! Reserve your spot for August 18th by visiting our Eventbrite here.


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