How Tinysponsor is Changing Influencing for the Better

Influencing is no longer a new concept. It is a valid form of marketing, and it is here to stay. Tinysponsor is shaking up that influencer industry with their content creator marketplace. Read more to learn more about Tinysponsor, what they do, and their CodeLaunch experience so far.

About Tinysponsor

Founded by Mike Prasad and KW Low in Los Angeles, CA, Tinysponsor is an influencer marketplace for content sponsorships. They help content creators, bloggers, YouTubers, podcasters, etc. directly sell sponsorships to brands for placements. Mike Prasad, Co-Founder, says, “We’re kind of like an Etsy or Shopify for influencing.” A user can add items to their shop, such as fashion how-to videos or VR podcast sponsorships

”We have a lot of full-time creators and managers using our platform. Once you create a shop, it’s in the marketplace on the website, and you can use the tools for your very specific needs, such as needing a beauty influencer in Los Angeles with a certain skin type,” says Mike.

As long as there is an audience and content, you can create a sponsorship. It doesn’t matter if it is a video or a physical event. “Everything stems from this idea of an ‘inventory.’ You can create a specific inventory pricing package, which makes them actionable and specific to the influencer. It’s sponsorship on their terms and for what they actually do versus random offers,” says Mike.

Mike and KW got their start 10 years ago when they ran websites for niche audiences. They were small but well established. They were trying to figure out how to sustain their business as well as automate and streamline it. Recently they saw how social media is involved in this, and with their experience in social media, they were able to look at the problems that creatives faced. Turns out, they were the same problems they had 10 years ago.

“This is a unique opportunity as the space is growing so fast and being accelerated by the pandemic. It’s an opportunity to grow with, get ahead, and see how we can help the industry,” says KW.

Their short-term goals are to raise this round of funding as well as streamline and allow more intelligence. They have intelligence on brand match technology, but they want to automate buying and streamline the process so creatives can focus on what they care about most.

Tinysponsor’s long-term goals are to allow creatives to focus on creation while brands focus on business. They want to make it work for everyone. They are proving that influencing is valid and that it works.

“From our point of view, Tinysponsor is not trying to get in the way of anyone. Our goal is to provide a tool to enable everyone—whether an agency, manager, or creative. Anyone who wants to collaborate with us, we’re all ears,” says Mike.

The CodeLaunch Experience

Mike and KW learned about CodeLaunch through investors in the Atlanta area. One of their clients has a large audience in the Southeast market so they were already looking into that area for visibility and fundraising.

They have enjoyed their experience so far. “The calls have been seamless. People seem to love what we do. It has been great talking to judges and the team on the CodeLaunch side, getting their reactions, perspectives, and what they would apply to our business from their point of view,” says Mike.

Tinysponsor is excited for two things. The first is exploring a new market. Content marketing is culturally driven so they are curious to see what this new market culture is like and to explore this new audience. Second, they want to fundraise and expand into other parts of the country.

“Winning CodeLaunch would be a great platform for us. Being a Finalist has given us visibility already. We want to learn how we can become a trusted provider for social media marketing. We bring a lot of knowledge to the table already, so we want to build our creative community by winning CodeLaunch,” says Mike.

Reserve Your Spot at CodeLaunch!

Tinysponsor is excited to pitch their startup concept to a live audience. Make sure you’re there to see it! Join us for CodeLaunch ATL on August 18th by reserving your spot and registering for CodeLaunch today!


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