In Case You Missed CodeLaunch HOU 2022

If you missed CodeLaunch HOU 2022, you should know that it was an amazing and thrilling success! It was the first CodeLaunch to happen in Houston, TX, and we can certainly say it made a mark on the startup space in H-Town.

CodeLaunch HOU 2022 Winner

CodeLaunch Winners Mery Ramirez Telha Ghanchi with CodeLaunch Founder Jason W. Taylor and Host Raheel Malik

Congratulations to Houston’s own TRX for winning the entire competition! The startup worked with its hackathon sponsor Improving throughout the week to snag the belt on Wednesday.

“CodeLaunch was the perfect addition to the upward momentum the Houston tech startup ecosystem is experiencing,” TRX Co-Founder Mery Ramirez said. “It was also a showcase of the incredible talent available by pairing finalists with hackathon teams. Our hackathon partner, Improving, was everything you want in a high-performing technical team. The overwhelming feedback we got from the event attendees validates that what we’re trying to do has the potential to resonate within the community, and reassures the mission and vision for our company.”

TRX is a platform dedicated to logistics recovery. They work to shine a light on how their platform can generate positive change for the US supply chain by connecting logistic companies with mobile mechanics.

“When we first met with Mery and Telha their vision was clear and we were able to quickly brainstorm and nail down an excellent idea to show off their business idea at CodeLaunch,” Improver and TRX Hackathon Team Member Michael Slater said. “They were fun to work with and the Improving team had an awesome time hacking together a mobile app to demonstrate the value TRX wants to bring to the industry. We are so happy to share in their success in winning CodeLaunch Houston 2022!”

Clutch Co-Founder Simone May (left) and Founder Madison Long (right) pose with their Judges’ Choice Award

Clutch, also from Houston, went home a winner too. The startup received a first-ever Judges’ Choice award during the event.

Shoutout to all of our other finalists who will now go on to launch in to viable startup companies.

Katy, TX
Houston, TX
Friendswood, TX (Student Founder)
Houston, TX
New York, NY

And a big thank you to our Hackathon Sponsors who worked tirelessly with our finalists to ensure their technical products were accelerated and that they can close a seed round of funding.

“CodeLaunch was a transformational experience for us,” Axon COO Owen Goode said. “Our team got an incredible opportunity to unify around a challenging project, resulting in a new level of cohesiveness and camaraderie. We were able to present our brand to both Houston and the world, and we found an audience that resonated with our offering. Finally and most importantly, we helped the otherwise impossible come to fruition by launching AIKYNETIX, giving them a massive boost towards investment and scale.”

All About CodeLaunch HOU 2022

CodeLaunch is a traveling seed accelerator and startup expo that connects early-stage startups with invaluable seed services critical to stimulating their business. Unlike many startup accelerators, CodeLaunch is completely free to apply, and there is no equity surrendered.

The professional hackathon is one way that CodeLaunch is truly unique. Each finalist is paired with a professional development team that accelerates product development and builds out as much of their MVP as possible in a 2-day time frame. During the pitch competition, the product is demoed live and for the first time in front of a live audience, who then votes for the Overall Winner.

CodeLaunch HOU 2022 went above and beyond our expectations! There were more than 600 people in attendance. We are thankful for everyone who came out to support the event and Houston’s startup community.

Improving Houston President Devlin Liles

Houston Exponential Partnership

During the event, Improving Houston President Devlin Liles made an important announcement that we have partnered with Houston Exponential to make CodeLaunch the premier event occurring during the 2023 Houston Tech Rodeo!

CodeLaunch Ohio 2022 is Around the Corner

CodeLaunch heads to Ohio next! We will be in Columbus on August 24th. Click here to learn more and make sure to check in with us for more details in the coming months.

CodeLaunch HOU 2022 Hackathon Teams


Next Startup Event: CODELAUNCH CANADA (AUGUST 28TH, 2024)