Introducing CodeLaunch 8 Finalist, talkien

CodeLaunch 8 features some of most innovative startup organizations in the world, including talkien, one of our international Finalists from Russia. talkien is a cutting-edge communications app focused on speech videos. This blog highlights talkien, what they do, their future plans, and their CodeLaunch 8 experience so far.

What is talkien?

talkien is a new kind of communication app aimed at creating speech videos instantly. A speech video refers to any type of video where speaking is accompanied by images or videos. A talkien user talks and lets the app do the rest with built-in AI. The app analyzes your speech and automatically selects and integrates the most relevant videos and images. In other words, talkien is the shortest way to be heard.

Talkien phone

Nowadays, speech videos are created manually. Bloggers edit videos and images then overlay the audio. talkien, on the other hand, allows users to create a similar video much quicker. There’s a large market for communication apps, and talkien is about this large market with verified demand.

With 10 year of digital content marketing experience, the concept of talkien was created. It has undergone the nitty gritty of audience research, test advertising campaigns, and feedback collection in order to become the app it is today.

Founders’ Background

talkien was founded by Denis Dolsky and Pavel Yanonis, friends and colleagues for over 12 years. Denis came from a digital marketing and management background, heading the digital department of a large communications agency by 2017. In 2018, as Managing Director, Denis launched a creative digital agency, “deep”, from scratch. During the first year, the agency has implemented more than 30 projects for large international companies.

During this time, Pavel developed his career as a programmer, implementing large automation projects for international market leaders as well as in the music and sound industry. His musical project, Pauliq, is already receiving excellent reviews from the media industry and by performing at the Red Bull Music Festival.

Together, they are a team of highly qualified specialists in data science, design and UI/UX, digital marketing, and analytics. They have had a desire to launch a startup for a long time and they have been moving towards its realization consistently. With talkien, they believe they can.

Accomplishments & Goals

The first question they wanted to answer was: Can we create relevant frames based on keywords? Therefore, they developed an iOS MVP application and began to conduct their first tests. The video processing speed didn’t meet their original vision, but the result itself was not bad! Most of the keywords had been converted to relevant frames.

The second, more difficult question they had was: Do users need it? To prove their product demand hypothesis, they prepared over 50 static and dynamic creatives and ran a lead generation campaign on Facebook and Instagram. They received very good CPA and CIR indicators as well as their first app users.

talkien’s long-term goal is expressed in their brand vision: to be the shortest way to be heard. They are preparing a new version of the product to attract the first paying users.

Looking Towards to CodeLaunch 8

talkien found CodeLaunch through researching startup competitions. They imagined their ideal startup competition—presence of a large market, understanding of the target market, and the prize was substantial enough for them to continue development. Suddenly, they realized CodeLaunch fit all of their parameters perfectly.

When they found CodeLaunch, they thought “Wow, this is a very cool idea to combine a startup accelerator and a hackathon! Why didn’t many others do that?” From that moment, they knew they were game.

The founders feel like they have been working with the CodeLaunch team for a long time—even though application window just ended in July. As they said, “It is a real achievement to maintain both a high level of professionalism and a truly home-like atmosphere. It motivates and energizes!”

Currently, they understand their target product, and every day the founders move towards that goal. They’ve already made good progress since entering. If talkien wins, it will speed up the date of their app store release.

“Everyone who wants to start creating speech videos instantly as soon as possible should vote for us!” says the founders.

Join us at CodeLaunch 8!

CodeLaunch 8 takes place on November 5th at the Comerica Center in Frisco, TX. It’s going to be better than ever, and with our health and safety measures, we are taking every precaution that it will be safe to attend. Don’t miss out! Reserve your spot as an attendee and register today!


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