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CodeLaunch is an open market and a reliable source for VC & Angel deal flow. Each event and cohort cycle manufactures tech startups that are worth considering for pre-seed and seed rounds. As our community grows and our startups flourish, they become interesting investments at later stages as well. CodeLaunch is an important community that VC and Angels who are seeking off-market early stage deal flow will belong to and be active within. No matter what stage you are chartered to seek, “Tomorrow’s deal flow is at CodeLaunch today.” Best of all, CodeLaunch will never encumber a startup cap table as part of the CodeLaunch experience. Our goal for these founders is to create value as guided by Conscious Capitalism.

Send Us Your “Project” Deals

CodeLaunch is known for levelling up startups and not encumbering cap tables. Smart and community minded VC/Angels and upstream accelerators will send their “almost good enough” deals to us so we can turn them back polished up, tech-in-hand, and highly investible. It doesn’t matter if you are chartered for embryonic stage, or only Series A, everyone at both ends of that spectrum and in the middle will benefit from CodeLaunch. Conversely, CodeLaunch flourishes when we have great deals to help with. VC/and Angels and CodeLaunch are symbiotic.

How Can You Engage?

Our next event is never more than a month or two away, and we have plans to scale CodeLaunch into a more rapid cadence in the near future. Our Discord community and weekly podcasts there are ever growing and ready to welcome your participation.

Supporting the next CodeLaunch event as a sponsor and/or as a judge is also a meaningful contribution. That gives you privileged access to the cohorts, great PR, and aligns your brand with Conscious Capitalism minded founders you will eventually be funding. Geography really doesn’t matter, although we do get about 60% cohort sourcing from the State and local markets we produce our showcases in.

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When CodeLaunch was acquired by Improving in 2019, we created a 1 year, 3 year and 10 year vision for CodeLaunch and the partnership. One of the elements of the longer-term vision was a fund which would actually level up CodeLaunch to an active VC deploying funds to our community we had accelerated. In 2022 the CodeLaunch Feud fund became the actualization of that vision.

The CodeLaunch Fuel fund by Improving is capitalized by our parent company Improving. The purpose of the fund is to help accelerate the startups which come through a CodeLaunch cohort, and then go on to accelerate impressively and meaningfully and offer a fairly valued early stage investment opportunity. Once per quarter the CodeLaunch Fuel Fund committee meets to discuss and review candidate progress and potential opportunities. It’s important to note access this fund is not part of the CodeLaunch event process, but an amenity that is available to our community of startups after the event, and that it will never be a requirement for a startup to give up equity to apply, participate, or even win the event. It is an added benefit to applying and competing in CodeLaunch and a way for us to help startups as well as potentially earning a return on our investment in CodeLaunch itself. Startups are eligible for the Fuel Fund once they reach “semifinalist” status during a competition.

Investments we make through the CodeLaunch Fuel Fund by Improving will be announced on our social media and email blast communications as well as out investor network subscriber communications.

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