CodeLaunch, The Greatest Startup Show on Earth, is back in Houston on February 28th!

Houston, are you ready for the most electrifying startup event of the year? CodeLaunch, produced by Improving, will be back in Houston for its third annual competition on February 28th, 2024. Startup applications are being accepted through December 10th only.

CodeLaunch drives early-stage startups to succeed using our unique spin on the seed accelerator model. It’s a combination of a seed accelerator competition, a tech tradeshow, a startup conference, and a rowdy networking event. The touring competition has given more than $1.6M of in-kind services to its finalists and overall winners since it started a decade ago.  

CodeLaunch is an impactful and uplifting venturetainment event like nothing else in the world. We inject rocket fuel into innovation ecosystems and we launch great startups that are Seed round and Series A ready. CodeLaunch and Improving are guided by Conscious Capitalism.”

– CodeLaunch President and Founder Jason W. Taylor

Since its inception in North Texas in 2013, CodeLaunch has played a pivotal role in launching game-changing startups. Companies like Sanalife E360, CharaChorderProsRentStyleRowKidStrongAutix, and more were launched and accelerated through the competition.

CodeLaunch HOU 2024 will be held at the Bayou Music Center. The six professional hackathon teams that are generously providing software consulting to our startups are Improving, Honeycomb Software, Blue People, Contollo, BJSS, and Softeq.

Sanalife E360 founder Matt Bonasera tells us CodeLaunch was a game changer for his startup. Sanalife E360 not only won CodeLaunch HOU 2023, but also was the winner of the year long Cyrannus CodeLaunch challenge that resulted in a $100K investment offer from Cyrannus VC fund.

“CodeLaunch gave us a huge platform to jump off from. The publicity was amazing and we developed many great relationships both during and after the competition. We made so many wonderful friends and such incredible contacts, so it will be nice to visit with them again at CodeLaunch this year and feel the energy of the event!”

– Matt Bonasera, Sanalife E360 Founder, Winner of CodeLaunch HOU 2023 and Cyrannus CodeLaunch Challenge
Matt Bonasera (left) poses with the Houston 2023 Startup Champion belt and Judges’ Choice chain alongside Oleksandr Semeniuk (center) and Oleg Lysiak (right) from Honeycomb Software.

Honeycomb Software was the winning professional hackathon sponsor last year. The team is making their way back to the competition to try and take the winning title again.

Re-engaging with CodeLaunch next year brings with it an anticipatory thrill. This event is more than just a gathering; it’s the epicenter where the entire ecosystem collides and connects in a unique way… and as I like to say, “that’s where the magic happens”.

– Oleg Lysiak, Honeycomb VP of Partnerships and Business Development

CodeLaunch presents a weekly podcast titled “We Code, You Launch.” Listen to our episode showcasing the victorious journey of Matt Bonasera and Oleg Lysiak at CodeLaunch Houston 2023.

H-Town Roundup + CodeLaunch Partnership

CodeLaunch is partnering with Houston Exponential once again to headline the H-Town Roundup as the featured event. We’re thrilled to collaborate with this event series, aiming to unite like-minded individuals within the startup and technology fields. H-Town Roundup serves as the intersection where tech, innovation, and impact meet. Feel free to sign up for more information on the upcoming events hosted here.

Houston Exponential is elated to collaborate for another year of innovation alongside CodeLaunch for the Greater Houston startup community. In our second year of partnership, it is an amazing opportunity and contest for entrepreneurs, where CodeLaunch becomes the catalyst for dreams taking flight.  It was tremendous, but not at all surprising to find out that last year’s local Houston winner, not only conquered our vibrant city and region but also claimed victory on the national stage. Together, Houston Exponential and CodeLaunch are not just fostering ideas; we’re igniting success stories that resonate far beyond our thriving community.

– Natara Branch, H-Town Round Up CEO

Important Applicant Information

CodeLaunch is a free amenity for startup founders. It costs nothing to apply, and CodeLaunch does not take equity. All Startup founders need is a pitch deck, code-ready mockups, and passion. It’s important to note that CodeLaunch competitions are open to founders from any geography or market, not just the host market. 

CodeLaunch requires code-ready mockups because they are required to maximize the benefit the 2-day PCL hackathon finalists receive. Mockups should be what founders hope to build if they are “drafted”. This is one way that our competition stands out from the crowd. Each finalist is drafted by a professional development team that accelerates product development and accelerates digital product progress as much as possible. During the pitch competition and showcase event on the 28th, each startup product is demonstrated live for the CodeLaunch audience of judges, investors, and supporters, who then interactively vote to determine winners.

This isn’t just a competition; it’s a launching pad for tech startups across the world! Visit our application portal through December 10th to apply to be included in the CodeLaunch HOU 2024 cohort.

Brands who want to support and align with our Conscious Capitalism-inspired mission at CodeLaunch can find out more by contacting CodeLaunch here.

Gear Up For 2024 and the First World Tour! 

All application portals to our 2024 events are open now! Check out to apply and learn more about our events in Minneapolis, Toronto, and Guadalajara.

Houston: February 28, 2024 – Grab your tickets HERE.

Minneapolis: May 9, 2024

Toronto, Canada: August 28, 2024 (Canadian Startups Only)

Guadalajara, Mexico: October 23, 2024 (Mexican Startups Only)

Stay tuned for more big announcements in 2024 about CodeLaunch! All of our 2024 competition applications are open and ready for your entries. We are also looking for a new presenting sponsor, as well as new sponsorships and exhibitors for next year’s events. Elevate your brand by partnering with Codelaunch and contact us here.  


Next Startup Event: CODELAUNCH CANADA (AUGUST 28TH, 2024)