MATEREO: CodeLaunch International Finalist’s Startup Journey


CodeLaunch 7 is taking place in a few short weeks! This year’s startup expo and seed accelerator competition will be better than ever with five ambitious startups explaining their ideas to attendees in hopes of winning them over, as the live audience will be voting on the overall winner.

MATEREO is excited to share their startup journey this far, so learn about their startup idea before they take the stage to compete for the title of CodeLaunch 7 Overall Winner at the end of the month!


Based at Instituto Pedro Nunes in Coimbra, Portugal, MATEREO is a data science company. The technological startup was created by structural engineers and data science experts who are inspired by space and aviation maintenance practices.

The company fuses bridge engineering with scientific research by developing artificial intelligence to support road and rail operators for better and more reliable bridge maintenance operations.

MATEREO’s proprietary algorithms – powered with artificial intelligence – predict the occurrence of structural damages, so problems can be quickly solved from the root – saving time and money, as well as improving users’ safety.


MATEREO’s mission is to “bring predictability to the entire process of bridge maintenance and accelerate a future with zero unpredicted failures.”


MATEREO was established in 2014 by a group of 3 engineers with more than 10 years of experience in high profile projects and international academic research. Their common goal is to provide engineering consultancy to the industry based on their core competences of structural integrity and fluid dynamics.

In 2016, access to the European Space Agency Business Incubation Center – Portugal (ESA-BIC Portugal) allowed MATEREO to create a great technology network with a huge impact on the team’s mindset and development.

The team has been inspired by the practices of space and aviation maintenance teams to implement on critical infrastructures the same level of predictability that those sectors have.

MATEREO team members believe that “on bridges, just like in space and aviation, critical components can’t fail!” Resulting, they have started the development of the IMS (Intelligent Monitoring System) to bring predictability to the entire process of bridge maintenance.

MATEREO has reached a variety of milestones, and the team knows that CodeLaunch 7 will advance them to reach additional transformational moments in addition to the following milestones:

2016 – European Space Agency Business Incubation Center Program

2018 – Winner of the 2nd Edition of the FLAD EY BUZZ USA

2019 – ASTROPRENEURS – Space Startup Accelerator Mentoring Program

2019 – Top 50 – Startup of the Year INNO event at New Orleans, Louisiana – USA

2019 – Ongoing negotiations for pilot projects in Portugal and Spain

2019 – Finalist of CodeLaunch 7 – Frisco, Texas – USA



Co-Founder, Business Developer


Founder, Management


Technical Manager


MATEREO’s startup journey is accelerating at CodeLaunch 7 on July 31 in Frisco, Texas’ Comerica Center! Meet with sponsors, partners, local and national entrepreneurs and more at the startup event where industry experts accelerate startups.

Support MATEREO by attending the national seed accelerator competition and startup conference at Comerica Center. MATEREO would love to see you there!

Tickets are currently on sale, so RSVP for CodeLaunch 2019 today!

Congratulations on your startup’s accomplishments, MATEREO! We look forward to advocating for your company.


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