Meet Our CodeLaunch Ohio Presented by Cyrannus Hackathon Sponsors Pt 2: Enzee and Centric Consulting

CodeLaunch Ohio presented by Cyrannus is coming up quickly! This means our Hackathon sponsors are gearing up for the competition, and we want to highlight two of them in this post. 

CodeLaunch would not work without our hackathon sponsors. Each one puts together a team, volunteering to work free of charge during an intense 24-hour hackathon. They team up with one of our finalists to ensure their technical products are accelerated and that they can close a seed round of funding. We are so thankful for the time and effort that hackathon sponsors put into each competition. They truly change the trajectory of each startup that they work with! 


Enzee (formerly ZapIt) is revolutionizing healthcare by providing a quantitative measurement of the quality of care given by equipment and personnel in hospitals. According to Founder Bryon Murray, Enzee is a company that developed a web application for managing all of the quality control records for all radiology and oncology. Now, they are working to expand into the entire hospital system!  

“We’re allowing hospitals to have a real-time look at how compliant they are with the standards for quality of care for equipment,” Bryon said. 

The Enzee team is currently building their app from the ground up as they rebrand and expand. But, that is not stopping them from helping a startup do the same thing. Bryon said they are doing CodeLaunch for the spirit of the whole startup and technology community. 

“We want to do something fun, get some exposure, and participate in the community,” he said. “That’s really important to us.” 

The team is excited to help their finalist startup grow, while also getting a chance to work on something that is different from what they do every day. Learn more about Enzee by heading over to their website.

Centric Consulting  

Centric Consulting is an international management consulting firm with high-caliber expertise in business agility and transformation, technology implementation, and technology adoption. They partner with medium and large enterprises to help them realize their business and technology goals. 

Columbus Business Unit VP Doug Hood told us he found out about CodeLaunch by reading an article about its arrival in Ohio. The team had been talking about putting on an internal hackathon for about a month, so they were immediately excited about diving head first into CodeLaunch. 

What is Centric Consulting most excited about when it comes to the competition?  

“We’re excited about getting together with people that we don’t always work with,” Senior Architect Matt Miller said. “Also, getting to ‘nerd out’, while helping a startup.” 

Centric’s core values include innovation and igniting a passion for the greater good. So, they believe their partnership with CodeLaunch is a no-brainer. 

Learn more about Centric here


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