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National Pre-MVP Startup Accelerator Coming to Atlanta Market

By CA Staff Blogger May 13, 2021

Get ready, Atlanta! CodeLaunch is coming to you August 18th! CodeLaunch is the travelling seed accelerator and startup expo aimed at elevating the most innovative, pre-MVP startups. It is the tech startup event where angels, developers, and startup founders collide.

There will be an estimated 700 people attending CodeLaunch ATL 2021! From the startup expo and professional hackathon to the competition finale and face-to-face networking opportunities, CodeLaunch is a unique event you do not want to miss.

This blog will tell you everything you need to know about CodeLaunch! If you’ve been wanting to know more about the when, where, and why, keep reading!

What is CodeLaunch?

CodeLaunch is a combination of a seed accelerator competition, tech tradeshow, startup conference, and raucous networking event! CodeLaunch sponsors and partners put thousands of dollars in professional seed services behind the winners of its national seed accelerator competition. Since its conception, over $800,000 in services have been given to CodeLaunch Finalists!

CodeLaunch has humble beginnings that date back to 2011. Back then, it was called the “Code Authority App Idea Competition”. Jason W. Taylor, CodeLaunch Founder and Code Authority President, wanted to help startups gain traction in the tech industry, and with Code Authority’s (now Improving Frisco) resources, he made it happen. Though the competition needed a better name and some find tuning, the core values have remained the same.

With hard work and determination, the first official CodeLaunch event took place on September 11, 2013. CodeLaunch I looked much different than present CodeLaunch events. There were no sponsors and only 40 attendees. The idea was to put a unique spin on the software seed accelerator concept. It was all about giving deserving startups the tools they need to get off the ground.

The startup expo was added in 2015 and CodeLaunch V introduced the professional hackathon. The startup expo is a tradeshow that highlights sponsors, community partners, past Semifinalists and Finalists, and current Finalists as well. It allows startups and entrepreneurs to connect with investors through the networking afterparty.

CodeLaunch has evolved into a community of like-minded local and regional “dev shops”. Companies with teams of professional developers pair their teams with curated CodeLaunch Finalists in a friendly “co-opetition” to see which team can accelerate their startup’s product the most while hoping their startup wins the finale at CodeLaunch itself.

The professional hackathon is what makes CodeLaunch different than other startup accelerators. The professional hackathon is an all-out, coffee and energy drink-filled coding marathon where professional software and application development teams are paired with CodeLaunch Finalists to build out as much of their product as they can. That product is then demoed live and for the first time in front of the CodeLaunch audience, who then vote for their Overall Winner.

What You Can Expect from CodeLaunch

Once you get to Phase Events at The Legacy Theater, you will head to the ticket booth for a contactless check in using your Eventbrite ticket. If you arrive at 4:30 pm, you can grab a cold, refreshing drink and then visit the sponsors, startups, and exhibitors, which will be setup to connect with you in the halls and conference rooms. The show starts at 5:30 pm. This is where the fun starts!

Grab your seat and get ready for interesting and inspiring presentations from past CodeLaunch winners and business thought leaders on a variety of topics. After this, the competition starts!

You’ll see the panel of judges on stage along with the emcee, who will kick off the competition by introducing the CodeLaunch Finalists. After everyone has been introduced, it’s time to begin! Each Finalist will come on stage, one at a time, and introduce themselves and give a 5-minute pitch. Once they completed their pitch, the panel of judges start a Q&A session asking the Finalists anything from what their next steps are to how they plan to market their product (and more!). This happens with each Finalist.

After the last Finalist pitches and the Q&A is over, the audience is prompted to vote for who they want to see as the Overall Winner. It is time to get your phones out and use ProTexting’s SMS messaging to vote. You will see the results live in real time on a big screen! Once the voting time has ended, the Overall Winner is announced in a high-energy finale! As an attendee, you get the opportunity to help choose the Overall Winner, so your attendance is important!

After the pitch competition, everyone will leave the arena and take floor to the startup expo. Grab some hors d’oeuvres and another beverage and go meet the startups you just saw, sponsors, and exhibitors of the CodeLaunch Startup Expo. Expect 40 or more exhibits from sponsors, community partners, CodeLaunch ATL finalists and other startups. This is the perfect time to walk around, learn more about our sponsors and startups, and network with angels, VCs, and investors.

We are experienced in producing fun, safe, and comfortable events and will follow any relevant laws and ordinances. If there is still a requirement, we will bring the following safety measures:

• Limit event to 700 attendees
• Mask/glove stations
• Socially distanced exhibitors
• Sanitization stations
• Socially distanced seating
• Individually wrapped hors d’oeuvres
• One-way exhibit hall traffic
• Temperature reading at check in
• Masked and glove bar and food staff
• Contactless check in

About CodeLaunch ATL 2021

If you are a pre-MVP startup, don’t miss the opportunity to apply for CodeLaunch ATL 2021! You will have the chance to compete for exclusive seed services and a professional hackathon to bring your product to life.

Build Technology Group is providing a 4-person professional hackathon team for CodeLaunch ATL 2021. Build Technology Group was born from a private consulting opportunity in an organization designed to retain top talent and the aspirations of investors and entrepreneurs to build and design creative, cutting edge software. Build Technology Group soon outgrew the original parameters of their humble beginnings and has gone on to develop, design and manage some of the busiest and most popular e-commerce web sites in America.

Improving Atlanta is also providing a professional hackathon team. Improving is a complete IT services firm, offering training, consulting, recruiting, and project services. Their innovative solutions and processes have helped hundreds of clients across the globe realize their tactical and strategic business objectives. As a result, Improving’s 1,000 employees have accumulated extensive technology and management experience in several industries, including financial services, energy, travel, retail, government, and several others.

Venture Space Professionals

CodeLaunch may not be where you find today’s deal flow unless you are into very early stage, but it is where you find tomorrow’s deal flow. After all, CodeLaunch takes credit for getting the following startup success stories off the ground, funded, and accelerated:

CodeLaunch is a must-attend event for all Georgia US based VCs and Angels—Deal Flow begins at CodeLaunch!

Apply for CodeLaunch ATL 2021!

If you are a pre-MVP tech startup ready to take the next step, apply for CodeLaunch ATL 2021! Applications close June 17th so don’t wait!

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