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Changing the Construction Equipment Rental Industry Culture

By CA Staff Blogger December 18, 2019

ProsRent 2020 Update

ProsRent’s CEO John Clark recognized the lack of inventory and need for price transparency within the construction rental industry in 2016 while managing his own construction company. Now, COO Nick Powell and CEO John Clark want to make it simple for customers to source, manage, and procure rental equipment from a single asset aggregator. The ProsRent rental revolution started in 2017.

John Clark submitted his CodeLaunch application in 2016 and was chosen to compete as a finalist in the fourth annual seed accelerator competition. He pitched an equipment rental SaaS concept that would prove to be a necessary tool for people and organizations outsourcing machinery across the United States of America.

Following their CodeLaunch experience, the ProsRent team began developing digital platforms with responsive design including a website that would make it simple for customers to rent, manage, and pay for the equipment they needed. The ProsRent web app launched in August 2017, and their site was up and running by October 2017.

ProsRent Version Two: What to Expect

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The team behind this great idea has improved the experience customers have renting construction equipment. Improvements are in the forms of service, consistency, and transparency.

“We’re essentially becoming the Expedia of the construction rental industry,” said Clark. “Not only that, but the minds behind ProsRent are changing the construction equipment rental culture by offering transparent pricing and an optimal customer experience, which are areas lagging in the traditional process.”

They explained some of the problems with the current industry mentioning that large suppliers have assisted in providing “bloated rate” guidelines when it comes to pricing due to their company’s geographical reach and service area. The entire ProsRent team believes that revenue multiples come organically when you take care of the client and customer by offering new strategies that bring value to their core business drivers.

“Our team’s focus on customer service, communication and access are going to go very far in this industry because it is lacking right now,” said Powell.

Stemming from their focus on customer experience, ProsRent’s team of professionals plan to focus heavily on adoption and traction in 2020. The company is now servicing more than 8,000 locations nationwide, and they will be measuring analog and digital orders to learn more about customers and rental suppliers to elevate the overall experience offered to both using the ProsRent.com Process.

Along with the continual addition of supplier locations, ProsRent has been working on more features that will benefit customers when ordering construction rental equipment.

Version two will further automate processes that were once done manually by internal ProsRent.com rental coordinators, provide analytics and reporting capabilities, as well as tracking capabilities for vendors/suppliers managing their inventory through the ProsRent.com platform.

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