At this stage we are narrowing down our list of Semifinalists into a short list of “Draftees” – these are startups which are presented to our Hackathon partners as draftable elite startups. Not all startups will get drafted. Startups that get drafted become “Finalists”. All finalists are provided and staff exhibit spaces at the venue on CodeLaunch event day.

All “Semifinalists” which do not move on to become a “Finalist” are offered FREE EXHIBIT space as part of our “Startup Expo”, a feature of every event where we hope to connect groups with sources of funding and other startups, as well as give them experience in face to face networking, brand development, and 1:1 elevator pitches. We are able to offer these exhibit space benefits on a first come, first served basis, as long as space remains available.

Exhibitor setup will be 1:30pm to 5pm on Event Day at the venue. Startups are responsible for any costs related to travelling to or exhibiting at CodeLaunch. This Link can be used to book hotels at our CodeLaunch Group rate.

Global Community Partners