The CodeLaunch 2024 World Championship: 8 Elite Startups From Three Countries Compete for $50K

A message from CodeLaunch President and Founder, Jason W. Taylor.

When we created the first CodeLaunch in 2013, nobody knew how far it would soar. Now a decade later we will complete 22 events by year’s end, have celebrated nearly 100 accelerated finalists, and have 1 nice exit under our belt. It took us 7 years to see our first graduate “exit”, and now we can see more coming in the years ahead. Today we are thrilled to announce the next evolution of CodeLaunch, the birth of the inaugural World Championship and a deployment of $50,000 in funding for champions crowned at Gilley’s Dallas on November 20th!

The CodeLaunch World Championship Coming Nov 20 to Gilley’s Dallas

CodeLaunch is more than just a startup accelerator; it is a community that empowers innovation and entrepreneurship. We grow tech startups by providing them access to professional software development teams and the platform to showcase their ventures to potential investors, all while retaining the full ownership of their intellectual property, equity, and cash.

Breaking the mold of how things used to be done, CodeLaunch does not take any equity from startup founders nor require money from them. Instead, we focus on providing them with the necessary resources, education, and platform to turn their vision into investible ventures with tangible digital products. This unique proposition, inspired by the tenets of Conscious Capitalism, has allowed us to forge a strong bond with startups, providing an environment for them to flourish without fear of losing control over their innovative I.P.

Along this journey, which began in 2013, we found support from Improving, and in 2019 Improving became our parent company. Their aligned belief in our mission and values has allowed us to scale our operations. As a result of this partnership, CodeLaunch has been growing year on year, hosting 3 events in 2022, 4 in 2023, and is now rolling out the next level of competition in 2024.

Throughout the year, 4 major events across North America, covering Canada, Mexico, and the United States all lead up to our grand finale – the CodeLaunch “World Championship” event at Gilleys Main Theater stage on November 20th 2024, this event will bring together the 8 best and the fastest-growing startups from our 4 preceding events, providing a platform to showcase their potential to venture capitalists and angel investors from across the continent.

For this event more than ever we are connecting Angels and VCs to our startups in real time. Voting for the main event will be an exclusive perk for owners of VC and Angel tickets putting the fate of these startups in the hands of those with the most on the line. Additionally we will be hosting a private Investor and startup only event the night before the World Championship to allow for connection building ahead of the finale competition show.

David Culver is a prominent active early stage investor with VentureSHOT, based in Atlanta and Chicago, and a global community partner with CodeLaunch since attending the 2023 Atlanta CodeLaunch event.

“We’ve sent several VentureSHOT companies to CodeLaunch competitions and many have made the stage at the finale show. Some have even won the PS-AI ‘Golden Ticket’ and received funding from the CodeLaunch and Improving Fuel Fund after their CodeLaunch experience. We’re excited to be partnering with CodeLaunch and to support and attend the first World Championship event in 2024.” said Culver.

Finally CodeLaunch is excited to announce that at least $50K USD will be deployed as investments live on stage. This World Championship is going to be the definition of excitement with a lot at stake for our founders!

E360 Founder Matt Bonasera and HoneyComb Software President Oleg Lysiak celebrate their CodeLaunch Houston 2023 Championships.

This is our call to all ambitious tech startup founders seeking acceleration, investors looking for the next big thing in tech, and the Startup Communities across the USA, Canada, and Mexico to help lift us up and join us in this grand event. 

We will be announcing our World Championship Finalists on a Reveal Livestream Live on October 30th. Follow Codelaunch on all social platforms for more updates.

The future of technology is here at CodeLaunch, and we can’t wait to see what it brings!

Stay tuned to our blog and social media channels for more updates on CodeLaunch 2024 and the World Championship event details. Let’s continue to push boundaries and create opportunities for the next generation of tech entrepreneurs. Together, we can accelerate the pace of innovation, create tighter bonds in our tech communities, launch some startups and change some lives for the better. See you soon!

Jason W. Taylor
President and Founder
CodeLaunch, an Improving Company

Partners & Finalist Update

This blog will serve as a log and announcement platform for the Finalists who will be competing and key sponsors and partners who are affiliating to support the CodeLaunch World Championship in 2024.

Finalist #1 – June 1 2024


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