The Key to CodeLaunch: CharaChorder’s Startup Story


What do you get when you cross a national seed accelerator and a pitch competition? You get CodeLaunch! The 7th annual startup event is taking place on July 31, and attendees are invited to learn from speakers and exhibitors, choose this year’s overall winner by voting as an audience member, attend a raucous networking after-party and more.

Learn more about CharaChorder – one of our U.S. Commercial Venture finalists – and the startup business’ journey from product development to becoming a CodeLaunch 2019 finalist.


CharaChorder is the first product to ever offer fluid chorded/character entry: a ground-breaking new technology that gives users the ability to input the letters of a word both individually and simultaneously. For example, to type ‘word,’ you can either press ‘w’, ‘o’, ‘r’, ‘d’ in order (character entry mode), or you can press them all at the same time (chorded entry mode). CharaChorder’s internal processor automatically arranges the letters in real-time on the screen. Using chorded entry mode, users can reach typing speeds of over 300 words per minute (the average QWERTY speed is 40 wpm).

Instead of the one-dimensional keys that keyboards use, CharaChorders detect motion in 3 dimensions, which means users have access to every letter, number, and special character without their fingers ever breaking contact with the device. The combination of 3D motion detection and fluid chorded/character entry creates a matrix of virtually unlimited programmable macros, as well as loads of other unique features including Ambidextrous Throwover, Cursor Warping, Hotwords, Scroll Coasting, Trigger Walking, and Paradox Chords.


Text has permanence. It’s how we organize our thoughts individually and collectively. CharaChorder believes that “If we can bring our text transmission speed up to the same level as our text comprehension speed, or even just up to talking speed, it could create one of the largest intellectual enlightenment in history.”


CharaChorder has been in development for over 4 years now, and while the startup is best known for being the first device to allow for both character and chorded text entry modes, there are many other revolutionary features the team has developed.

One example is Ambidextrous Throwover, which allows users to intuitively type one-handed with either hand. With Ambidextrous Throwover, you can use a drawing tablet, 3D mouse, or other specialized input device with your dominant hand, while your non-dominant hand still has access to every hotkey, character, number, and utility key without your fingers ever breaking contact with the device.

For CAD modelers, digital artists, gamers, and multitaskers, this is a revolutionary breakthrough. For the rest of us, it’s still pretty darn cool. Go ahead and take that extra sip of coffee or call over your pup for a lap cuddle without interrupting your work. There’s a lot you can do with an extra hand!

CodeLaunch is CharaChorder’s most exciting milestone to date. July 31, 2019, the team plans to reveal CharaChorder to the public for the first time ever!



Riley is the founder of Crash Studios and inventor of the CharaChorder. Crash Studios has received international recognition for their work in Business, Engineering and Design. At Toyota, Riley received the two highest honors an employee can receive from both the North American and Global CEO – both within his first year.


Monica is a data scientist who enjoys building novel solutions using data. She specializes in natural language processing and predictive machine learning models. As the lead data scientist at Darwin Ecosystem, she has worked on many innovative solutions including Projected Personality Interpreter and Darwin Awareness Engine.


Sandra is a six-year biomedical engineer and marketer by trade. Passionate about building sustainable business models in technology for healthcare, she has worked in the IOT, medical device, AI, and digital marketing arenas.


Adan is the owner of an athletic apparel company based in Frisco called LEO Athletics. He is passionate about working with people and developing small businesses. Adan is also an avid traveler and photographer.


“After years of development, we have created the fastest, most versatile, and most ergonomic devices for human computer interaction on the planet,” says CharaChorder. “A lot of blood, sweat, and tears have gone into this, and we have a lot of people to thank for feedback and for believing in our team. We are unbelievably excited to finally reveal it to the public for the first time ever at CodeLaunch 7!” CharaChorder’s startup journey is accelerating at CodeLaunch 7 on July 31 in Frisco, Texas’ Comerica Center!

CharaChorder is depending on the audience’s vote on Pitch Day! Join the live audience to vote for the winner and interact with entrepreneurs, sponsors, exhibitors and partners at CodeLaunch.

Get your tickets today – you won’t want to miss out on the greatest CodeLaunch to date!

Congratulations on your startup’s development CharaChorder! We look forward to accelerating your business for success.


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