Transforming the Caregiving Industry with Evva Health

As loved ones grow older, many people shift their roles into caregivers. Evva Health is transforming this sector of healthcare with a digital solution to caregiving. They look at caregiving through a community standpoint rather than an individual one. This blog highlights Evva Health and their healthcare platform with a unique spin.

About Evva Health

Evva Health is a platform you can access via a mobile device or the web and is centered around helping people care for their loved ones. Carl Hanna, Co-Founder, says, “We are focused around helping family caregivers—not a professional but regular folks like you or me—who are taking care of family members.”

Evva Health supports caregivers by providing information about health issues as well as services and resources in the community. “At its core Evva Health is a platform that is centered around family caregivers to better help them care for their loved one as well as themselves. Oftentimes, caregivers forget about themselves.” The solution would create a “superhighway” between patients, family members, and doctors as well as the community as a whole.

“You’ll notice on our website that we have first started to focus on caregivers to those with dementia, such as a parent with dementia. All caregivers are stressed, but we noticed caregivers for those with dementia tend to be almost more so due to the nature of the disease. Dementia makes things unpredictable—financially and physically. Unfortunately, when someone has dementia, they tend to have numerous chronic conditions so they’re not just dealing with cognitive decline but also another illness, such as cardiovascular disease or diabetes,” says Carl.

What happens between a physician visit to the next can be very difficult for caregivers, and those visits can take 2 to 3 months from one to the next. “When caring for an aging person, you’re seeing multiple doctors for different conditions. There’s a lot of information shared with you that you must process and figure out. Evva Health creates and transforms that information into digestible, bite-sized content,” says Carl.

“Let’s say you are taking care of your family member in your home, and you need to go somewhere. You can’t leave them alone. You need someone to help you. We thought it would be nice to have others in that caregiving ecosystem,” says Carl.

Evva Health connects doctors with caregivers for care plans. Everything is through the Evva Health app. You can have a list of items you need to do, such as “Daily Walk” with your loved one. You can set this up quickly, and you can even note if you can’t complete the task and assign it to a member of the community.

Founders, Goals, & Accomplishments

Carl Hanna and Saurabh Vyas are the Co-Founders of Evva Health. Carl has a PhD in engineering and has 15 years’ experience in consulting and 12 years of experience in healthcare. Saurabh is a physician with healthcare consulting experience. “We’re like a yin and yang team. I’m the engineer in healthcare, and he’s the doctor that does technology,” says Carl.

One of their biggest accomplishments happened last year. “We put out a call for pro-bono interns in 2020 when everything was shut down. We put the word out that we are a startup looking for helping with the hopes of getting one or maybe two people. We ended up with 12 interns over the summer with 4 being from Georgia,” says Carl.

Short term goal is to get more exposure and share their vision of connecting patients, caregivers, and doctors and bringing in the community for a seamless experience. They hope to raise their pre-seed round to be able to pilot their solution in several locations. With millions of caregivers in the country, Evva Health’s long-term goal is to reach them and their community. 

The CodeLaunch Experience

Carl found out about CodeLaunch through his community. A friend of his emailed him at 6:00 pm the day of the application deadline. He spent those next few hours putting everything together only to have technical difficulties with the CodeLaunch website. Thankfully, everything worked out, and now he’s a Finalist!

“The CodeLaunch experience has been great. I’m excited to meet Jason in person and interact with many people at the event. When I think about the fact that I didn’t pay anything or surrender any equity, it seems unreal,” says Carl.

Evva Health is looking forward to the professional hackathon. “We are very excited to be paired with Improving Atlanta for the hackathon. They’re excited about it too. As a founder, you’re always trying to raise money and bootstrap, so it’s refreshing to see people enthusiastic to help without trying to get any money. There’s an exchange of passion for the startup community,” says Carl.

“Jason says we are all winners to partner with a hackathon team, and I agree. If we were to win, we would have bragging rights and more exposure. Whether or not we do win, we will be talking with potential investors. CodeLaunch is a good place to be a startup raising funding. A win would show and tell people we have potential. We’re really looking forward to the networking opportunity,” says Carl.

Evva Health hopes to get their vision out to the CodeLaunch attendees. “By 2025 the number of Baby Boomers that need to be cared for will increase. There’s going to be more and more need to care for someone who is aging with multiple conditions. Our population is aging, so I think it is time to start thinking about solutions that go beyond traditional caregiving. It’s time to bring others from the community to support caregivers,” says Carl.

Learn More About Evva Health at CodeLaunch ATL!

Evva Health is a unique take on caregiving that is sure to shake up the healthcare industry. If you’d like to see them pitch, you will need to reserve your spot at CodeLaunch on August 18th. Visit our Eventbrite to register!


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