What You Missed at CodeLaunch DFW 2022 Presented By Cyrannus & Confluent

CodeLaunch DFW 2022, produced by Improving and presented by Cyrannus and Confluent, was the most attended CodeLaunch DFW event in history! As the 10th consecutive annual competition in the Metroplex, the competition definitely made a mark on the DFW community.

CodeLaunch DFW 2022 Winner

Jeremy Cate, founder of Damn That’s Cheap receiving his Champion belt & Isaac Carter w/ Contollo, the Dev Team Champion, celebrating their shared victory at CodeLaunch

Congratulations to Damn That’s Cheap for winning CodeLaunch DFW! Damn That’s Cheap worked with their hackathon sponsor Contollo throughout the week to claim the title of “Best Startup in Dallas”!

“CodeLaunch was a blast and it was super exciting to win! We’ve worked on this for years, but until you’re in front of an audience like that, it’s hard to know if the mass public would get it. Getting feedback and winning validates that our product will be successful.” – Damn That’s Cheap Founder Jeremy Cate

Concession Team went home a winner too. After applying to CodeLaunch five times, the startup received the Judges’ Choice award during the event.

Jason W. Taylor and Raheel Malik on stage with Kaymon Farmer, founder of Concession Team, the Judge’s Choice Champion
Kaymon Farmer, founder of Concession Team

“CodeLaunch has been a springboard to our early success. We’re forever grateful for the community CodeLaunch has built. It was another way for us to see how much we believe in ourselves and the confirmation from professionals that we’re on the right path.” – Concession Team Founder Kaymon Farmer

Our judges were Cyrannus Founder Lee Mosbacker, Director at Cyndx Drew Donahoe, Head of Dell for Startups Lucas Chaya del Pino, and Geniant Chairman & co-CEO David Lancashire.

“CodeLaunch was the most entertaining startup event I have ever been involved with. There isn’t another pitch competition out there where the judges, contestants, hosts, and audience all have an absolute blast!” – Judge Drew Donahoe

Josh Stramiello opening for CodeLaunch

Audience members enjoyed being entertained by comedian Josh Stramiello before the competition began as the show opener. This was Josh’s second time opening for CodeLaunch.

This was the first time that CodeLaunch was held at Gilley’s Dallas and over 600 people were in attendance!

Shoutout to all of our finalists who will now go on to launch viable startup companies!

A major thank you to our presenting sponsors, Cyrannus and Confluent, for their support during this CodeLaunch DFW 2022. The show would not have been such a spectacular success without you!

Also, thank you to our Hackathon Sponsors who worked tirelessly with our finalists to ensure their technical products were accelerated and that they can close a seed round of funding.

View the gallery from CodeLaunch DFW 2022 here

All About CodeLaunch

CodeLaunch is a traveling seed accelerator and startup expo that connects early-stage startups with invaluable seed services critical to stimulating their business. Unlike many startup accelerators, CodeLaunch is completely free to apply, and there is no equity surrendered.

The professional hackathon is one way that CodeLaunch is truly unique. Each finalist is paired with a professional development team that accelerates product development and builds out as much of their MVP as possible in a 2-day time frame. During the pitch competition, the product is demoed live and for the first time in front of a live audience, who then votes for the overall winner.

CodeLaunch DFW 2022 went above and beyond our expectations! We are thankful for everyone who came out to support the event and the DFW startup community.

CodeLaunch HOU 2023 is Around the Corner

CodeLaunch heads back to Houston, TX in March 2023 for our second event there. We will be in Houston on March 2nd and applications are now open! Click this link to learn more and apply here if you are a founder who wants to change the trajectory of your startup.

Danielle Mairs, Conscious Capitalism

After an appearance by Conscious Capitalism representative Daniella Mairs during CodeLaunch DFW, Jason revealed the 2023 CodeLaunch Tour destination markets! watch that video below to see where we are going next year!

CodeLaunch is going on tour!


Next Startup Event: CODELAUNCH CANADA (AUGUST 28TH, 2024)