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CodeLaunch Comes Home for the 10th Consecutive Annual DFW Competition on November 16th!

By Shelby Sansone October 25, 2022

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CodeLaunch, produced by Improving, and presented by Cyrannus and Confluent is making its way back to the DFW area for its 10th consecutive annual competition in the Metroplex, helping early-stage startups succeed using our unique spin on the seed accelerator model.

As the longest-running annual startup event in the DFW, CodeLaunch supports the startup ecosystem by awarding deserving startups with the invaluable services they need to launch. We have given over $1.3M in services to Finalists and Overall Winners since 2013 and have launched notable startups such as CharaChorderProsRentStyleRowKidStrong, Autix, and more.

This year, the final event will take place in the City of Dallas for the first time! It will be held at Southside Music Hall at Gilley’s.

CodeLaunch DFW 2022 presented by Cyrannus and Confluent Finalists Announced!

Congratulations to our finalists who will compete in our main event on November 16th! Each of these incredible startups will receive a professional product development hackathon from one of our professional hackathon team sponsors before competing in our big show.

Professional Hackathon Team Sponsors:

CodeLaunch could not happen without these outstanding hackathon sponsors. Each company puts together a team and works absolutely free of charge during our hackathon. They work tirelessly with our finalists to ensure their technical products are accelerated and that they can close a seed round of funding. While only one startup will win, every finalist will walk out with valuable investments already made to their startup because of the time their hackathon team spent working on their product. 

“Honestly this is a part of our culture, so it’s a perfect alignment,” said Kristen Darby, Dialexa’s VP of Marketing. “It’s a beautiful shared community conversation that happens within these special professional hackathons. It is incredibly competitive, but it’s also cooperative.” 

FirstGen Agency Founder Raheel Malik is our emcee, assisting with curation and production. This is his sixth CodeLaunch event.

Presenting Sponsors: Cyrannus & Confluent

We are extremely thankful for our presenting sponsors, Cyrannus and Confluent

Cyrannus is a network of experts trying to add rational insight into a growing venture capital market. They are developing tools to connect founders with experts and create bullet-proof strategies. Founders can confidentially submit areas of their business plan, pitch deck, technology, or product. Experts can anonymously interact with founders in an iterative process to generate answers to questions and get quantitative scoring. The Cyrannus website also includes a blog that works to help investors and venture capitalists learn about and avoid fraud and deception. 

Learn more about Cyrannus in our featured blog, then go to the Cyrannus website to read their latest articles.

Confluent was founded by the original creators of Apache Kafka®️ and is pioneering a new category of data infrastructure focused on data in motion. With Confluent’s cloud-native offering, any organization can easily build and scale next-generation apps needed to run their business in real time.

Confluent is designed to be the intelligent connective tissue enabling real-time data, from multiple sources, to constantly stream across the organization. With Confluent, organizations can meet the new business imperative of delivering rich, digital front-end customer experiences and transitioning to sophisticated, real-time, software-driven back-end operations.

Find out more about Confluent by heading over to their website.

First-Time Sponsor: Dell for Startups

We are excited to announce that Dell for Startups is sponsoring CodeLaunch for the first time! Dell’s program, Dell for Startups, was created to guide startups in their technology journey. The program provides expertise from Dell advisors, giving founders scalable solutions to grow their startups. 

During CodeLaunch, you will hear from Dell for Startups Lead Lucas Chaya del Pino, who is delighted to experience CodeLaunch for the first time. 

“We are constantly incorporating new partners that get us in front of entrepreneurs and create relationships,” Lucas said. “CodeLaunch is exactly the type of partner we want, and I am very excited to participate in the event.” 

Dell also has a yearlong pitch competition that is going on right now! Learn more about it here

What is CodeLaunch?

Improving Ohio 2022

Produced by Improving, CodeLaunch is a combination of a seed accelerator competition, tech tradeshow, startup conference, and raucous networking event! In short, CodeLaunch is impactful venture-tainment.

“CodeLaunch is a startup and rock-n-roll show like nothing you’ve ever seen before,” CodeLaunch President and Founder Jason W. Taylor said.

CodeLaunch sponsors and partners put thousands of dollars in professional seed services behind the winners of its national seed accelerator competition. 

CodeLaunch was founded in 2013. Jason wanted to help startups who were investible but their technology held up closing funding deals. With Code Authority’s (now a part of Improving) resources, he made it happen. 

What makes CodeLaunch truly unique is the professional hackathon. Local “dev shops” come together and compete with each other to build out as much of each finalist’s MVP as possible. The Finalists then demo these products live and for the first time in front of the CodeLaunch audience, who then vote for a winner. 

CodeLaunch is aligned with the ideals of Conscious Capitalism, believing that businesses can be socially responsible and, ultimately, ethically good. One of the ways we exemplify this philosophy is by making the competition free to apply with no equity surrendered by the applicants. This means startups have nothing to lose and everything to gain by applying. In addition, CodeLaunch gives away surplus exhibitor space to local startups for free, allowing them to network with angels and investors. 

Exciting and Interactive New Format

At this event, CodeLaunch will be rolling out an exciting and new interactive format inspired by our new Community Partner Digital Fight Club. Audience members and judges will interactively vote for multiple rounds culminating an exciting new experience depicted by this graphic below.

Thank you to our sponsor ProTexting for our interactive voting platform.

Join Us at CodeLaunch DFW 2022!

CodeLaunch will take place at Southside Music Hall at Gilley’s on November 16th. Get your tickets here!

Media, Exhibit, and Sponsorship Inquiries

You and your brand are invited to CodeLaunch. There is still time for your brand to align with CodeLaunch and Conscious Capitalism. Parties interested in exhibit space, media, and sponsorship may contact Jason W. Taylor.

Don’t Miss CodeLaunch DFW 2022 on Nov 16 in Dallas, TX

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