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Now’s Your Chance to Apply for CodeLaunch Ohio 2022

By CA Staff Blogger May 4, 2022

The CodeLaunch Ohio 2022 application portal is now OPEN! This means your startup could be accelerated in as little as three months. But, that will only happen if you apply! We will stop taking applications on June 16th at 12:00pm EDT.

Why Should I Apply?

Davidson Theatre in Columbus, OH

That’s a great question with so many answers! First, the competition has no entry fee of any kind. So, it’s FREE to apply and FREE to compete. Your startup will receive a FREE two-day professional developer Hackathon if you make it to the finals, which means you’ll get thousands of dollars worth of free development done to your product.

CodeLaunch Ohio 2022 will be on August 25th at the Davidson Theatre at Riffe Center in Columbus. You don’t have to be located in Ohio to be selected for this event. We are taking applications from anywhere in the United States (and we will be open to international startups during later competitions).

What’s a Hackathon?

The professional hackathon is an all-out, coffee and energy drink-filled coding marathon where professional software and application development teams are paired with CodeLaunch Finalists to build out as much of their product as they can. That product is then demoed live and for the first time in front of the CodeLaunch audience, who then vote for their Overall Winner.

This is what truly sets CodeLaunch apart from the rest of the startup events and we’re super proud of all the Hackathon sponsors who partner with us for each event.

CodeLaunch HOU 2022

The Competition

Speaking of the live demo, our final competition is always a thrilling event! Each CodeLaunch finalist will get to pitch to this room with the product they created or modified during the Hackathon.

This is a rare experience to explain what makes your product unique and marketable. The room is filled with VCs and Angels who want to find startups to invest in. Even if you do not win the competition, you will still have that product and get your name out to the audience.

To learn more about the CodeLaunch experience, you can click here to read all about CodeLaunch HOU 2022!

How to Apply

It’s so easy to apply that you have zero excuses not to! Go to our Application Portal and start the process. You’ll need a pitch deck which we accept through PowerPoint or PDF. Then, you’ll want to have mockups/wireframes. If we select you as a finalist, you’ll have to show us what you hope to build so we can do it through the hackathon. The categories we support are U.S. Commercial, Social Impact, and Youth.

What are you waiting for? Apply for CodeLaunch Ohio 2022 NOW!

Watch our CodeLaunch Houston 2022 wrap up video and get ready for an awesome experience in Ohio!

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