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Who Was Victorious at CodeLaunch HOU 2024?

By Shelby Sansone February 29, 2024

Sparked by a collective zeal for startups and innovation, CodeLaunch HOU 2024 set ablaze entrepreneurial fervor across the Houston Metroplex. CodeLaunch offered attendees a front-row seat to the most electrifying Startup Show on Earth and the chance to cast their vote for the future CodeLaunch champion! 

Ryan Reisner, President and Founder of SeekerPitch, and Emily Muscat, Product Manager, celebrate winning CodeLaunch Houston 2024.

Congratulations to SeekerPitch and its visionary founder Ryan Reisner for earning the prestigious title of CodeLaunch Startup Champion, which was secured through an overwhelming audience vote.

The whole thing is surreal. There was a lot of work and effort that went into our CodeLaunch journey and it was a complete team effort from my team. The platform we were able to receive is amazing and the recognition and relationships we have built are unbelievable. The entire competition process from start to finish was exceptional! I highly recommend any startups and aspiring founders to join CodeLaunch. 

Ryan Reisner, SeekerPitch Founder

SeekerPitch worked alongside Honeycomb Software to create new technology for their talent acquisition software that plans to help breathe new life into today’s hiring experience by leveraging short-form video on all sides of the hiring process. 

Landi Spearman shows off her excitement after being named Judges’ Choice.

Another major round of applause for iSHIFTx and Landi Spearman for securing the coveted Judges Choice award. They collaborated with Blue People during the competition. 

Winning the Judge’s Choice Award last night further reinforces the value and urgency of our work in revolutionizing outdated leadership development methods for the modern-day leader. As highlighted in my pitch, the cost of a failed leader permeates every industry, emphasizing the critical need for our solution, iSHIFTx. This award recognizes our hard work over the last three months and fuels our commitment to continue building better leaders for impactful change.

Landi Spearman, iSHIFTx Founder

CodeLaunch’s newest featured sponsor, PSPro.AI, gave a free MVP away to USA Palms Founder Ricky Hleap!  PSPro.AI is a generation no-code platform that allows the development of applications which

leverage AI, and they have committed to giving away a free MVP to a startup founder in each cohort for the rest of 2024. Thank you PSPro.AI and congrats to USA Palms!

About CodeLaunch HOU 2024 

CodeLaunch, produced by Improving, extends an invaluable opportunity for every finalist to have their product built at no cost, bridging the gap between their vision and the resources needed to bring it to life.

We have a saying for CodeLaunch finalists… “you’re all winners”. Although SeekerPitch left the official winner of CodeLaunch HOU 2024, each finalist went home with valuable professional software development. The CodeLaunch Professional Coder League (PCL) implements a two-day hackathon inviting each startup to participate in a Sunday and Monday filled with coding and product development before the competition. 

During the hackathon, our sponsors provided close to $100,000 worth of product development and IT consulting for the finalists’ products. They worked tirelessly to ensure their technical products were accelerated – preparing each finalist with a minimal viable product (MVP) that is capable of closing a seed round of funding. 

Thank you to our CodeLaunch HOU 2024 Professional Hackathon Sponsors & Finalists: 

Early CodeLaunch arrivals were treated to excellent preshow entertainment. At 4 pm, Improving CCO and Houston President, Devlin Liles, captivated the audience with a thought-provoking presentation exploring the intricacies of Artificial Intelligence.

Following that, the highly talented RajNATION, known as the Startup Hypeman, took the stage for a live dynamic rap performance, setting the tone as our opening act. CodeLaunch attendees also had the chance to connect with a diverse array of exhibitors before and after the competition, creating valuable networking opportunities.

What is CodeLaunch? 

CodeLaunch is a combination of a seed accelerator competition, a tech tradeshow, a startup conference, and a raucous networking event that connects early-stage startups with invaluable seed services critical to stimulating their business. Founded in Frisco by Jason W. Taylor in 2013, the international touring competition and its sponsors have given more than $1.6M in services to over 86 finalists and overall winners. 

CodeLaunch has helped launch noteworthy startups like CharaChorder, ProsRent, StyleRow, KidStrong, Autix, Evva Health, and more since its inception. Unlike many startup accelerators, CodeLaunch is completely free to apply, and no equity is surrendered.  

The professional hackathon is one way that CodeLaunch is unique. Each finalist is paired with a professional development team that accelerates product development and builds out as much of their MVP as possible in a 2-day time frame. During the pitch competition, the product is demoed live and for the first time in front of a live audience, who then votes for the overall winner.  

CodeLaunch HOU 2024 went above and beyond our expectations! We are thankful for everyone who came out to support the event and the Houston startup community. Now, for what’s next… 

Gear Up for CodeLaunch MINN 2024! 

CodeLaunch is on its way to Minneapolis, Minnesota for the first time! We are taking applications for this inaugural event until March 3rd. Apply here and learn more about CodeLaunch MINN 2024 through this informative blog post.

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