“Es Oficial!” – CodeLaunch is Returning to Mexico in 2024 and Mexico’s Startup Founders Can Apply Through Aug 11.

Mexico, are you ready for the most electrifying startup event of the year? CodeLaunch, produced by Improving, will be back in Guadalajara for its second annual competition on October 16th. CodeLaunch is taking applications from tech startup founders through August 11th.

CodeLaunch drives early-stage startups toward funding by investors using our unique spin on the seed accelerator model. It’s a combination of a seed accelerator competition, a tech tradeshow, a startup conference, and a rowdy networking event. Over the past decade, the touring competition has provided over $1.72 million worth of in-kind services to both its finalists and overall winners, exemplifying its steadfast dedication to supporting and nurturing emerging talent in the industry.

Luis Miguel Almanza Rueda, TDM Entrepreneurship Institute Director in Guadalajara, speaks on stage at CodeLaunch Mexico 2023.

CodeLaunch Mexico 2024 is scheduled to take place at Tecnológico de Monterrey (TDM) – Guadalajara Campus, a prestigious location chosen to host this esteemed event for a second consecutive year, underscoring its significance as a hub for entrepreneurial endeavors and technological advancement within the region.

Tecnológico de Monterrey is excited to host CodeLaunch Mexico for a second year, reinforcing our dedication to nurturing innovation and entrepreneurship. This event symbolizes our commitment to the tech community’s growth and the potential of startups. We look forward to another year of empowering entrepreneurs to showcase their ideas and accelerate their success. Let’s make CodeLaunch Mexico 2024 a landmark event for technology and innovation. 

Luis Miguel Almanza Rueda, TDM Entrepreneurship Institute Director in Guadalajara


Since its inception in North Texas in 2013, CodeLaunch has played a pivotal role in launching game-changing startups. Companies like Norman Agriculture Cognitiva, Bizbat, Gabu, Sanalife E360, CharaChorder, ProsRent, StyleRow, KidStrong, Autix, and more were launched and accelerated through the competition.

Listen to Ramon Diaz, Founder of Norman AC, and winner of CodeLaunch MX 2023, as he shares his startup's journey and securing victory on the CodeLaunch Mexico stage.

Elevating Mexican Software Development Brands

CodeLaunch isn’t just a platform for startups to raise and launch, it’s a platform for professional technology brands to elevate and grow too. Each CodeLaunch event features 6 PCL (Professional Coder League) teams who “draft” their favorite startup from the curated best-of-the-best outcome of the startup competition side of CodeLaunch. Typically, PCL brands are professional software development consulting companies and digital product teams from other types of companies that employ veteran software engineers. 

Contollo and Improving have already supplied this event with a team each, which means there is room for four more professional software developer teams interested in helping change the trajectory of a CodeLaunch finalist’s journey by accelerating their product development. There are many other benefits to joining the PCL as CodeLaunch serves as a collaborative community competition to show off capabilities and sharpen skills amongst participating teams.

Contollo has been on a remarkable journey with CodeLaunch events, witnessing their evolution from early-stage contests to thriving industry hubs. Over time, we’ve seen contestants secure investments and find their product-market fit, resulting in positive revenue streams. Our participation in these events has not only created key long-term partnerships and relationships that have led to our robust growth here at Contollo, but has also provided invaluable learning experiences from industry experts. Being part of the CodeLaunch community means accessing continuous support for business growth, aligning with conscious capitalism principles, and unlocking endless opportunities for collaboration.

-Isaac Carter, Contollo Founder and Chief Technologist

Important Applicant Information

CodeLaunch is a free amenity for startup founders. It costs nothing to apply, and CodeLaunch does not take equity. All Startup founders need is a pitch deck, code-ready mockups, and passion. PCL Hackathon teams build digital products and intellectual property for founders with no strings attached.

It’s important to note that CodeLaunch Mexico is open to founders from Mexico only.

CodeLaunch requires code-ready mockups because they are required to maximize the benefit the 2-day PCL hackathon finalists receive. Mockups should be what founders hope to build if they are “drafted”. This is one way that our competition stands out from the crowd. Each finalist is drafted by a professional development team that accelerates product development and accelerates digital product progress as much as possible. During the pitch competition and showcase event on October 16th, each startup product is demonstrated live for the CodeLaunch audience of judges, investors, and supporters, who then interactively vote to determine winners. Founders can learn more about the benefits offered to them by CodeLaunch here.

This isn’t just a competition; it’s a launching pad for tech startups across the world! Visit our application portal through August 11, 2024 to apply to be included in the CodeLaunch Mexico 2024 cohort. 

Brands who want to support and align with our Conscious Capitalism-inspired mission at CodeLaunch can find out more by contacting CodeLaunch here.

CodeLaunch 2024 World Championship

Calling all innovators and tech enthusiasts! If you’re intrigued by the world of entrepreneurship and groundbreaking ideas, listen up. Here’s some exciting news: All “Finalists” from Houston, Minnesota, Canada, and Mexico in 2024 are automatically invited to exhibit or compete on stage at the CodeLaunch World Championship event in DFW on November 20, 2024.

This event isn’t just any gathering; it’s where the brightest minds converge, presenting their cutting-edge concepts to captivated audiences. With $50,000 in investments up for grabs, the CodeLaunch World Championship event could be the launchpad your project needs to soar to new heights.

Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or simply passionate about innovation, this is an event you won’t want to miss. So mark your calendars and stay tuned for the excitement unfolding at the CodeLaunch World Championship event in DFW on November 20, 2024. Who knows? You might just witness the birth of the next big idea that revolutionizes the tech industry.


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