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The Trailblazers of Tech: Meet the CodeLaunch DFW 2023 Finalists!

By Shelby Sansone October 25, 2023
CodeLaunch Startup Accelerator – DFW 2023 Finalists Reveal!

CodeLaunch, the famously energetic startup conference and traveling accelerator event from the U.S. produced by Improving and presented by Cyrannus, is coming home to Dallas for its 11th consecutive annual competition in the DFW Metroplex on November 15th! CodeLaunch will amplify the voices of six startups through the competition when they will compete on stage LIVE at Gilley’s South Side Ballroom for more services and potentially $150K in investment capital from VC Fund Cyrannus.io. Get your tickets NOW!

CodeLaunch is a combination of a seed accelerator competition, a tech tradeshow, a startup conference, and a raucous networking event. The touring competition and sponsors have given more than $1.5M in services to over 84 finalists and overall winners since it started in Frisco in 2013.

CodeLaunch has helped launch noteworthy startups like CharaChorder, ProsRent, StyleRow, KidStrong, Autix, Evva Health, and more since its inception. Most recently, CodeLaunch awarded a championship belt to the founders of Norman Cognitive Ag and their professional dev team from Contollo, at the first international CodeLaunch event in Guadalajara Mexico.

CodeLaunch Mexico 2023 Champions Normal Cognitive Ag with their Professional Hackathon Team members from Contollo

“We are excited to have CodeLaunch back in DFW for the 11th year and it’s going to be bigger than ever. We are proud to be supporting the startup ecosystem in this way as it aligns with our commitment to Conscious Capitalism, but even more importantly, it’s making a real difference for the folks in the community.“

– David O’Hara, Improving Dallas President

Cyrannus 150K Investment Challenge

Cyrannus Founder Lee Mosbacker Announcing the Cyrannus 150K Investment Challenge at CodeLaunch Ohio 2022

All startup founders who advanced to the semifinal round between CodeLaunch Ohio 2022 and DFW 2023 were in the running for the Cyrannus $150K investment challenge and the finalists have been revealed! Cyrannus CEO Michael Camp will announce two winners on Nov 15th, the best Cyrannus score “Commercial” startup will receive $100K and the best “Impact” startup will receive $50K! The Cyrannus platform “alpha” launched in October and will be debuted at our DFW event.

Cyrannus 150K Investment Challenge Finalists:

E360 – Houston 2023 Finalist

Baru – DFW 2023 Finalist

Gabu – Mexico 2023 Finalist

LeaseClub – Atlanta 2023 Semi-Finalist

BizBat – Mexico 2023 Finalist

Five Star Fans – DFW 2023 Finalist

Klout Machine – Ohio 2022 Semi-Finalist

Cyrannus Founder Lee Mosbacker said he created this challenge to reward CodeLaunch founders with the opportunity to receive serious cash investments. A Cyrannus spokesperson says there could be two separate winners, but if one winner scored the highest for both challenges, they could receive a total of $150K in investments. Cyrannus is back as presenting sponsor of CodeLaunch for its 6th consecutive event dating back to summer 2022.

“Not only will they get the cash investment, but the founders will also be introduced to a network that will help them refine their idea and prepare them for a follow on raise.”

– Lee Mosbacker, Cyrannus Founder

You can learn more about the 150K challenge here.

CodeLaunch DFW 2023 PCL Hackathon Teams

Six professional IT consulting companies have signed on to be a part of CodeLaunch DFW 2023! Each company has created professional hackathon teams that will work with one of the finalists to ensure their technical products are accelerated before the final showcase event.

These teams work on their startup’s products free of charge. While they’re competing against other IT consulting brands during CodeLaunch, they are also working together under one mission: to make startup founders’ dreams come true!

Contollo, one of our professional hackathon sponsors, has partnered with CodeLaunch at every competition since dipping their toes into CodeLaunch in Nov 2022 and plans to continue their fantastic work in the “Professional Coder League” – the moniker given to professional dev teams that enter the competition.

“As a nearshore software development company with a mission to elevate technology professionals in Central America, we found an ideal partner in CodeLaunch, a platform that shares our values of innovation and conscientious capitalism. From Dallas and Houston to Atlanta, and finally to Mexico, every event we’ve attended has been an enriching experience for our team, both professionally and personally. These gatherings haven’t just met our expectations; they’ve exceeded them, enriching us economically, expanding our network, and most importantly, developing our team members into leaders and technical virtuosos.“

– Isaac Carter, Contollo Founder and Chief Technologist

Then, there are new software development companies on the scene. The Harmonic, FYC Labs, and NexRage Studios teams are excited to venture into the world of CodeLaunch for the first time.

“We’re very excited to have the opportunity to do some good for a deserving startup, and raise our own profile, to show off what we can do. We can’t wait!”

Paul Mitchell, Harmonic Engineer

“At FYC Labs, we’re thrilled to be part of CodeLaunch DFW as a hackathon sponsor. It’s all about fostering innovation and empowering the next generation of tech leaders.”

Justin Fortier, FYC Labs CEO/CTO

“CodeLaunch is igniting the spirit of Entrepreneurship by supporting individuals who are willing to give it their all to make the world a better place.”

Fraz Jamil, Nexrage Studios Founder & CEO

CodeLaunch DFW 2023 Finalists

Ready to meet your finalists who will compete for the CodeLaunch trophies? The following six startups have advanced as Finalists to CodeLaunch DFW 2023!

Baru, a Cleveland Heights, Ohio company, is a shared-economy digital manufacturing platform with a deeply experienced and credible entrepreneur founder. With a $5M pre-CodeLaunch valuation, Baru has the product and revenue needed to take it to the next level soon. Baru currently lets customers customize furniture with premium materials and a sustainably minded process. Baru leverages idle robotics to de-globalize supply chains.

“CodeLaunch’s support is another validation point that Baru has a business that can be the next globe-changing paradigm in manufacturing supply chains.”

Tino Go, Baru Founder

Five Star Fans is NIL (Name, Image, and Likeness) recruiting digitalized. This app helps top athletic programs attract recruits from all around the country. It crowdsources support for recruits to attend specific schools by “purchasing likes” and assigning them to the recruit they want to help. The Five Star Fans Founder is from Columbus, Ohio and is a former Division I athlete with both product and revenue.

“CodeLaunch has been fun and we have been learning a lot from their process and we would recommend CodeLaunch to any startup founder. The process to make it through code launch has really pushed us to the next level with marketing ourselves as founders on social media.”

Tina Provost, Five Star Fans Co-Founder and CEO

Lighthouse is a social network transforming the way participants, volunteers, & donors connect with nonprofits, charities, & foundations. Founded by an inspiring founder from Denver, Colorado, this impact startup is a B2B platform for charities and foundations. The app increases visibility for organizations, spotlights opportunities for individuals, and prioritizes collaborative features. Lighthouse currently is at the MVP stage with 250 pilot nonprofits and 25 LOIs.

“Participating in CodeLaunch has been a game-changer for Lighthouse. It’s driven us to refine our product roadmap with laser precision, ensuring that we craft the most effective solutions for the challenges nonprofits encounter daily. The competition has been an invaluable catalyst in our journey toward making a real difference in the sector.”

Mackenzie Langley, Lighthouse Founder

MASLOW’s student founders are PhD, MD candidates at North Carolina Chapel Hill and have created an artificial intelligence tool that will benefit patients while easing physician burdens. Right now there are 14 clinics piloting this B2B2C medical care platform. MASLOW takes in patients’ open-ended responses to SDoH risk questions in over 12 languages, identifies pertinent health risk factors, recommends local resources by geolocation, and provides a neat summary of a patient’s needs to their clinician all before the clinical appointment begins.

“Before CodeLaunch, our team of talented clinicians and engineers were stuck in the perpetual land of academia and publishing. But, the CodeLaunch homework made us go out and speak with dozens of clinics. Of the 10 clinics we contacted, four of them have expressed a desire to onboard MASLOW immediately, and we are beginning the integration process with our lead clinic starting this week. None of this momentum would have occurred without CodeLaunch!”

Nehemiah Stewart, MASLOW Co-Founder

Nova is a B2B resources and logistics platform with deep product market fit credibility and multiple pilot partner companies using the beta and ready to buy at launch. The three student founders (FISD High School and UT University Undergrad) want to simplify sourcing pipelines for manufacturers, empowering them to streamline supplier communication, significantly enhance email open rates, simplify the procurement process, and protect their hard-earned reputation by ensuring accurate and efficient communication. Nova has 10+ target clients piloting their MVP now.

“Nova helps procurement teams of all scales be able to source materials faster and get rid of the administration hassle associated with getting the best prices from vendors. The market that we are going after or supply chain management is a 27 billion market which continues to grow as more technology gets integrated with an antiquated industry. If we capture even less than 1% of the market, our unique solution can stand out with a value add of 270 million to help get rid of the problems associated with material resource planning (MRP) softwares for these manufacturers.”

Siddhant Singh, Nova Co-founder

Orgaimi is a powerful client intelligence platform specifically for law and accounting firms. This Chicago, Illinois-based company maximizes firms’ growth and enhances the work of their clients’ data scientists, engineers, and business analysts. Orgaimi is a B2B AI product with current customers and revenue with a $13M Pre-CodeLaunch Valuation.

“CodeLaunch has been an incredible experience for the Orgaimi team in terms of helping us accelerate our marketing capabilities, refine and improve our positioning for investors, as well as build an amazing network of entrepreneurs and technologists.”

Paul Giedraitis, Orgaimi Founder

These six startups will be provided 24 hours of professional software development work on their product by their hackathon team on November 12th and 13th, then they’ll go on stage to present their product to a live audience who will interactively select the “Best Startup in the DFW 2023”!

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For CodeLaunch DFW 2023, we are partnering with Mankind through our new refundable local charity benefit tickets. A portion of the ticket price will be given directly to the charity. We plan to uphold this commitment in all our future competitions, as we’re on a mission to find and team up with nonprofits in every city we visit.

50% of the ticket proceeds (minus fees) will be refunded to verified attendees, while the other half will go to Mankind. But there’s a catch! You will receive the refund only if your ticket is scanned at the CodeLaunch DFW door on the day of the event. If you do not scan your ticket at the door, the full ticket price will be split between Mankind and CodeLaunch. Click here to get your tickets now! Learn more about the partnership here.

Join Us at CodeLaunch DFW 2023! 

CodeLaunch DFW 2023 will be held at Gilley’s South Side Ballroom on November 15th from 4 pm to 9 pm! GET YOUR TICKETS NOW!

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You and your brand are invited to CodeLaunch. There is still time for your brand to align with CodeLaunch and Conscious Capitalism. Parties interested in exhibit space, media, and sponsorship may contact Jason W. Taylor. 

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