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Startup DrinKicks Encourages Healthy Living Through Shoes

By CA Staff Blogger April 23, 2022

Startup Founder Kristeen Reynolds is striving to succeed with her startup DrinKicks, which is a health and wellness tech startup with a sneaker twist. 

DrinKicks Founder Kristeen Reynolds

Right now, they have a juice product with a QR code on the bottle. When customers scan the code, it takes them to a virtual metaverse experience. Participants will get incentivized for exercising and interacting with their environment. They’ll receive general health tips through the process and will even get taught how to make their own shoes. Kristeen says their ultimate goal is to physically make shoes using their own juice bottle product.

The innovative idea came from a conversation between Kristeen and her Co-Founder Michael Fletcher. They had an inspiring conversation about why people do not understand how important shoes are to their overall health. Michael said people should learn about health through shoes, and that’s how the idea for DrinKicks was born.

The startup applied for CodeLaunch HOU 2022. They were extremely close to making it to the finals but ultimately did not get in. However, Kristeen says it was cool to go through the process. She tells us it helped them learn more about their own product and meet a lot of people in the startup space.

“It challenged us to go out there and get customer feedback,” she says. “So, it was definitely a good experience that helped us take things to the next level or confirm that we are doing the right thing, taking the right steps.”

The DrinKicks idea started in 2020 and they filed for a trademark in 2021. By January 2022, they made the startup official. Now, their goal is to raise money and continue working on development. And when it comes to CodeLaunch, they have not given up yet!

“I’m big on the phrase ‘you miss one hundred percent of the shots you don’t make,” Kristeen said.

Kristeen plans to apply for CodeLaunch Ohio 2022, which is set for August in Columbus. To learn more about CodeLaunch Ohio 2022, click here.

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