Tech Startup Founders: Here’s How You Can Be a Part of the 2nd CodeLaunch Competition in Atlanta History

CodeLaunch, produced by Improving and presented by Cyrannus, is making its way back to Atlanta for the second time on May 10th and you can be a part of the competition! The application portal is open NOW until March 10th!

CodeLaunch helps early-stage tech startups close angel, pre-seed, and seed round funding. It’s a combination of a seed accelerator competition, a tech tradeshow, a startup conference, and a rousing networking event. The touring competition has given more than $1.4M in services to its finalists and overall winners since it started a decade ago.

Carl Hanna, PhD – Co-Founder & CEO (left) and Saurabh Vyas, MD – Investor & Co-Founder (right) of Evva Health, CodeLaunch ATL 2021’s Overall Winner, receiving their trophy belt

“CodeLaunch is a startup and rock-n-roll show like nothing you’ve ever seen before!” – CodeLaunch President and Founder Jason W. Taylor 

CodeLaunch has helped launch noteworthy startups since its inception in North Texas in 2013. Companies like CharaChorderProsRentStyleRowKidStrongAutix, Evva Health, and more were launched and accelerated through the competition.

CodeLaunch ATL 2023 will be held at the Buckhead Theatre. Improving, Contollo, and Build Technology Group have already signed on to be professional hackathon sponsors, which means these leading consulting brands will provide teams to work with finalists, ensuring their technical products are accelerated and founders can close a seed round of funding.

Saurabh Vyas, MD (left) and Carl Hanna (right) recapping their CodeLaunch ATL 2021 victory

Evva Health passed a lot of milestones since they won CodeLaunch ATL 2021. Founder Carl Hanna tells us their equity crowdfunding was successful, as they raised a quarter of a million dollars. Evva Health’s next goal: product launch.

“When you interact with anyone at CodeLaunch, you can tell they care and are passionate about helping startups. We are gearing up for our product launch hopefully in Q2, and CodeLaunch gave us the boost we needed to get here.” – Carl Hanna, Evva Health Founder Founder and CodeLaunch ATL 2023 Judge said he is eager to see the talent that will come out of this event.

“I’m greatly anticipating the innovative minds of Atlanta who have taken the leap to engage in an entrepreneurial journey. The individuals who are bold enough to step up and put it all on the line for an idea are the ones changing the world, and it will be an honor to participate.” Dan Mowery, Founder

Cyrannus 150K Investment Challenge

All startup founders who advance to the semifinal round of CodeLaunch will be in the running for the Cyrannus $100K investment challenge, as well as the $50K challenge for Impact Startups!

Cyrannus Founder Lee Mosbacker wants to reward CodeLaunch participants with the opportunity to get real cash into their business. A Cyrannus spokesperson says there could be two separate winners, but if one winner scored the highest for both challenges, they can receive $150K in investments in total.  

“Not only will they get the cash, but also be introduced to a network that will help them refine their idea and get ready for their first big fundraiser.” – Lee Mosbacker, Cyrannus Founder 

You can learn more about the 150K challenge here.

Important Applicant Information

CodeLaunch is a free amenity for startups. It costs nothing to apply, and it does not take equity. All you need is a pitch deck, code-ready mockups, and passion. It’s important to note that CodeLaunch competitions are open to founders from any geography or market, not just the host market. 

If you are selected as a finalist, your mockups should be what you hope to build in your 2-day professional hackathon. This is one way that our competition stands out from the crowd. Each finalist is drafted by a professional development team that accelerates product development and builds out as much of the MVP as possible. During the pitch competition and showcase event on May 10th, each startup product is demonstrated live for the first time in front of an audience, who then interactively votes to determine winners.

Ready to apply? Go to our application portal now through March 10th! You can also learn more about CodeLaunch ATL 2023 here

Brands who want to support and align with our Conscious Capitalism-inspired mission at CodeLaunch can find out more by emailing

CodeLaunch is going on tour!


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